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Razer Seiren X Microphone Review: A Small, Compact & Great $99.99 Mic. The Seiren X is also a little more prone to picking up those knocks and bumps on the desk and the mic itself during recording, which means you have to take greater care when the proverbial red light's on than when using other mics. And fits nicely within the company's streamer-focused range of broadcasting equipment which now includes capture cards, lighting and cameras. We're of two minds about the Seiren X. Placed within, say, 10 inches of whomever is speaking (assuming they are seated at the same desk the mic is sitting on), the mic’s capsule aims more at the person’s torso than their mouth. For streamers who need a portable and / or space-saving setup, the Seiren X is a good fit, offering crystal-clear vocals. Contributing Editor Tim Gideon has been writing for PCMag since 2006. Keep an eye on your inbox! Razer Seiren Emote – Performance In terms of actual vocal capture, the Seiren Emote is a big improvement over the Seiren X. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Razer Seiren Pro - Elite XLR and USB Digital Microphone - Record with Professional-Grade Studio Sound at Amazon.com. That's the theory, anyway. Behind the grille, the mic employs a 14mm condenser capsule that delivers a supercardioid pattern and a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. Sign up for What's New Now to get our top stories delivered to your inbox every morning. Razer Seiren Emote – Design and Features By appearances, the Seiren Emote is nearly identical to the Seiren X. Doing so opens up many more possibilities to you, and although your viewers probably won't notice the difference over Twitch or YouTube's compression-happy platforms, it'll also open up better recording quality. Like all mics, it sounds different based on your proximity to it, but in general, there’s more warmth here and less room sound than the Snowball Ice provides. There was a problem. He specializes in reviewing audio products, and is obsessed with headphones, speakers, and recording gear. The Razer Seiren Mini, priced at $49.99, aims to be one of the few super-affordable options worth recommending—the leader of the pack being the $50 Blue Snowball Ice. You'll find the mic and stand in there, the cable, and a setup guide. The Razer Seiren X should certainly be … March 2018. In fact, even at a distance, the Seiren Mini provides a somewhat close signal—there’s not much room for ambient noise, whereas the Snowball Ice is more likely to give you a bit more room sound, for more of a natural, unprocessed feel. The 2020 Seiren Elite is the best when it comes to cutting out background noises like the air conditioner etc. Content creators on a strapped budget or anyone just … More Arm Notebooks: Rockchip Develops High-End RK3588 SoC, Corsair H115i RGB Platinum Hits an All-Time Low of $115, How to Create a Steam Link with Raspberry Pi, MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge Wi-Fi Motherboard For Ryzen Processors is $40 Off, Xbox Series X/S Controller Is Just $40 and Works on PC, Too, Massive 42.5-Inch 4K IPS Monitor Is Now Just $569, Need To Find an AMD or Nvidia GPU In Stock? Razer’s Seiren Mini USB microphone is an excellent entry-level option for anyone looking to improve their audio quality. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Quality audio signal is ideal for vocals and streaming Easy to use Affordable Essentially, this is a tighter pickup area than the traditional cardioid, the idea being that the Seiren X picks up only what you want it to--in most instances, your voice, while falling deaf to unwanted background noises like ambient room noise, keyboard and mouse clicks, or trains rolling by on the railroad outside your window that you didn't notice when you first looked around your apartment. It's a shame not to have a couple more options here for podcasting or group streaming, too. Like the Snowball Ice, the Seiren Mini lacks DSP (digital signal processing) and has no gain knob or headphone jack. The no-frills Razer Seiren Mini microphone is short on features, but it's affordable and easy to operate for live streamers and podcasters alike. A lift of 3 to 6 inches, depending on mic placement, can make a tremendous difference in its performance. For more money, meanwhile, we’re fans of the Blue Yeti Nano and the Shure MV5, both of which offer more features and options, albeit for twice the price of the Seiren Mini. Its price is its best feature, but it's also a forgiving mic, so users with less general recording and audio experience are likely to get solid results despite the lack of DSP training wheels. In truth, to our ears it sounds as through the Seiren X picks up just about as much mechanical keyboard clatter as HyperX's Quadcast using the cardioid polar pattern. © 1996-2020 Ziff Davis, LLC. It's possible to fit the mic to a shock mount and boom arm, but you'll need to buy the mount separately. Like the majority of gaming-focused broadcast mics on the market, this model sports an electret condenser with a wide diaphragm and substantial shock protection, anchored by a nice heavy stand. We'd have liked to see an adapter included for using a boom arm. PCMag.com is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Whether I was using the … Please refresh the page and try again. Cyber Monday deals: see all the best offers right now! Thank you for signing up to Tom's Hardware. New York, Compared with the Blue Snowball Ice’s signal, the Seiren Mini’s signal is a lot tighter and close sounding. The Seiren X mic from Razer aims to hit that audience while also addressing the chief stumbling block for those still using headset mics: price. The Seiren Mini’s super-cardioid pattern means it tends to reject more background noise from the sides and anything behind it, putting a tighter focus on the sound source in front of the mic. Includes high-pass filter button. The Seiren X can be connected by plugging in the 1.4 metre USB cable, which is covered with fabric. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 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