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Longer clothes will offer you more protection against Thailand’s mosquitoes (kept very happy in rainy season), while shorter ones won’t get wet in puddles. Because as well as being cooling, quick drying and light, they are also durable and eco-friendly. It’s in our blood, there’s nothing we can do about it. For rainy season clothes for your bottom half, choose something short – it’s much easier to dry your skin. If you know you are going to be adventuring somewhere rainy but cold, you may want to invest in some waterproof overtrousers like these. Discover (and save!) We don’t carry walking boots for the simple reason that, for us, the frequency of use doesn’t outweigh the hassle of lugging then around. If you leave them scrunched up with no air circulation they will take ages to dry and likely start to smell damp. . And ladies, it’s good idea to pack some light travel dresses. We never go anywhere without this backpacking rain gear. Improper drying of clothes results in unwanted smell that sticks to the fabric for a long time. Find out what the best towel for travel is, how to choose the right one for you, plus which fabrics are the quickest drying, lightest, most absorbent. This outfit is so good, you might even want to wear it on sunny days too. Alternatively, if one is available, for smaller items you can use a hairdryer. It was perfect because it only added to the mystique and meant that as tourists we weren’t standing on each others’ heads to get the good views. Not so much when you’re carrying your entire life on your back, waiting in the slowest moving queue with zero shade, only to board a bus with knackered air-con. Check out the insect repellant spray, incense sticks and anti-insect room refreshers. But what you also want is something that is going to keep everything dry when the heavens open. So if you’re fretting over travelling during rainy season at all, don’t. For travelling in monsoon seasons or to off the beaten path travel destinations we recommend using World Nomads travel insurance. The bacterias that cause them, thrive in unclean water and in the absence of good sewage systems and proper hygiene practices, can spread like wildfire. your own Pins on Pinterest. Do not ever wear your leather shoes or sandals, as they will get completely spoiled. children rain coat isolated yellow rain coat isolated season and clothes rain wear waterproof jacket items kids storm jacket rainy season clothes rainy clothes waterproof coat. Thanks for your comment Aysha. Clothing to Pack for The rainy season . For men, these are the best. As such, a mixture of shorts and pants (and skirts/dresses of varying lengths) are great to pack. So from underwear to footwear, here’s our tried and tested recommendations for what the wear in rainy season. 3) July and August are the rainiest months in the rainy season. Luckily for longer term travellers like us we can capitalise quite nicely on this. Make sure your rainy season clothes are rung out as much as possible and hung up spaced out. 2) Rainy Season starts from the southern part of India with the onset of southwest monsoon wind. Take our advice, pack the right rainy season clothes and embrace it. The bright green, luscious foliage of Laos’ valleys and the wild overflowing expanses of the Cambodian jungles during monsoon season are simply gorgeous. Other serious and nasty rainy season diseases are Cholera and Typhoid. One of the best stylish rainy day outfits for men, a khaki trench coat will make you look timeless and classy. A good quality pair of sport leggings are designed for the job and still comfortable enough to wear when wet. The last thing you want is a wash out. Make sure you pack a good quality insect repellant. So it may cost more than you expect, especially in countries where water is expensive. See more ideas about rainy day outfit, outfits, fashion. Being British as well I’ve always wanted to get away from the rain. to help give you the best experience we can. Alternatively if you are set on a backpack style that doesn’t have an inbuilt backpack rain cover, or maybe you already have a older one you want use, just get a seperate one like this. If you can’t get your clothes out drying outside under some shelter, the next best thing is to hang them inside and put a fan on to circulate air in the room. Any chance of rain automatically means less tourists. You can also just take your rainy season wear to a launderette. Yeah, if we did have to choose between rain or sunshine for the rest of our lives – the sun’s going to win hands down! Just bear in mind, they operate on weight and wet clothes are heavy. Less tourists also means less demand for accommodation. For example, on a jungle trek your legs need to be protected from things such as poisonous plants and leeches. For men, these are the best. We also have good quality sports trainers that we use for exercise, trekking and long days exploring. For rainy season clothes for your bottom half, choose something short – it’s much easier to dry your skin. It’s can be quite difficult to get good quality sun cream so I always stock up on Piz Buin when I go back to the UK. Here are seven rainy season laundry tips to keep your clothes fresh and smelling good. classic, clean, simple style. Don’t worry though because in this post, we’ll be giving you the best fix for this persistent problem. However, rubber slippers are also useful during this time. But as a basic precaution also always carry some hand sanitiser with you and use it regularly, especially before you are about to eat if there aren’t any suitable hand washing facilities. **This Post was originally published in February 2017 and has been completely revamped to provide you with the most up to date and accurate information**. Okay, now let’s get into the good parts of travelling in rainy season, because my friends there are quite a number that you may not necessarily have considered. Ideally you want one that is both top and front loading so you can access you stuff easy, has lots of different compartments to keep your stuff organised and is comfortable to carry. Underwear wise, you want quick dry, comfortable material. I have a November Rain poncho. We usually book the first few nights, then speak directly to the hostel or guest house. Consider adding a waterproof camera to your good rain gear. We have these FlyKnit Nike trainers. Another piece of good rain gear that we always carry is a compact umbrella with one of these brolly bags. IS IT EVER GOING TO STOP RAINING?!) months? We love city life, but we love getting out in nature more and travelling in wet season affords views of mother nature’s landscapes like no other. They have everything. Oct 23, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Joy Cho / Oh Joy!. Other things for your rainy season clothes packing list should include a quick drying microfiber towel, for drying off after you’ve been caught in a shower. Being wet and cold is no fun at all. WEATHER, CLOTHES AND SEASONS Created by Paula López García 2. So hostels and guest houses are all competing with each other pricewise to draw you in. I’ve been loving on bamboo fabrics for staying warm, cool, and dry. Again something that goes against the grain with us Brits, but we manage it and so can you. Longer clothes will offer you more protection against Thailand’s mosquitoes (kept very happy in rainy season), while shorter ones won’t get wet in puddles.

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