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Basically a Miracle Fusion from the GY with some restrictions. Hosting a game for some reason has "don't shuffle deck" checked by default. Detailed bug reports are welcomed on Discord. Image scaling hasn't changed and the cards are still weird and stretched out in both maximized and full-screen. If you click on that entry in the log, it should display the fetched card in the card info window. Project Ignis is an international collaboration staffed entirely by volunteers and we welcome support on our projects. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I downloaded but I can't see any card images. Extensive customization via an expanded skin and sound system. Join the Project Ignis - Yu-Gi-Oh! I've been waiting for a way to do that since the day I started it that didn't require weird VPN software that would make me and my friends' PCs think they were on the same LAN. As another user mentioned, you can see stuff in the log tab and copy-paste content from it! So now, what was the actual problem with that effect? I haven't played any of them past the 5D's DS games...) so that I read the text carefully without having to fear that I won't know exactly what a card did or even which one they fetched. In functionality, very little seems to have changed. More modern version of YGOpro Percy, with what seems to the end-user mostly updates to make it look and sound better. When this card was first announced we thought it wouldn't be hard to implement properly though we quickly noticed that wasn't the case, the issue is with its first effect: You can Tribute this card; return 1 Fusion Monster from your GY to the Extra Deck, then Fusion Summon that Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, by banishing Fusion Materials listed on it from your GY. Get automatic bumping, enhanced visability and more. For more information about new features and fixes, see the READMEs in your game install. Great to see how hard they're working on it. and join one of thousands of communities. Percival18 has retired and the team has taken over. We are a bunch of random people from all over the world who started playing the former YGOPro Percy and became members of the community to the point of maintaining our own client for the game we love that brought us together. Official Card Game. This effect chooses the monster for you in the extra automatically on resolve. Did I miss something? How do I download? Needless to say, we never arrived at a proper solution and we had (and still have) other priorities than dealing with this specific card. In late 2017 to early 2018, Percival18 forked the current release of YGOPro Percy from EDOPro, which was, and is still, being worked on by edo9300. This means that we indeed need to check if the card would be on a specific place (Extra Deck) as well as its properties matching those of a fusion summonable monster by this effect while the card is on the GY as well as taking care of other effects applying (or not) to cards that can potentially be moved or interacted with while the chain is being constructed and other restrictions could be in place (eg. edit: apparently this is already possible by setting time limit to 0. In functionality, very little seems to have changed, though the dreaded 2 minute limit has finally been removed for casual games and the addition of an AI mode is great. Our ocgcore fork is significantly easier to use from a programming perspective and we have further enhancements planned on this front. Edit: thanks to Project Ignis for replying to this lengthy comment and pointing out some things that I missed. Please report any bugs on the github issue tracker or on our discord. Game invites via Discord Rich Presence. Downloads and more information are available on our Discord, which is also on the sidebar.

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