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Home; We Can Help; How to Prepare for Treatment; we can help; emotional and physical effects of treatment ; How to Prepare for Treatment. The most common cancer treatments today are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. When you’re going through chemo, you’ll likely want foods that are soft on your stomach and easy to eat — while still being nutritious. Home Home. Thank you! Contact us. Here are 10 foods to eat during chemotherapy. Get a good night’s sleep: Make sure to get enough rest before treatment. Let the team address any fears or concerns you may have going forward. Home Cancer A to Z Worried about cancer Diagnosis Treatment After treatment Supporting someone Get help Stories and media Search Log in Register. Macmillan home. Your red blood cell count and hemoglobin are looked at to see if you have anemia. Helpline for cancer patients. A cancer patient may receive one or a combination of these or other types of treatment. Chemotherapy causes fatigue, so a well-rested body will respond better to treatment. After a month in the hospital, the plan is for her to come home for 1 week then three weeks back to hospital, home 1 week 3 weeks back, etc. An air purifier is a must-have in a chemo patient’s home because this device can remove up to 99% of the bacteria, mites, fungus and germs existing in the breathing air. i am happy to hear that about the scents. Cancer information and support. Patients. Thank you! Disinfect the bathroom before and after each use. Cancer information and support. Pre-Chemo Blood Tests 101 . 0808 808 00 00 (Monday to Sunday - 8AM-8PM) Email us. Share Tweet Email Print. Your CBC provides a reading on all of the types of blood cells produced by the bone marrow which can be affected by chemotherapy. Events. In the bathroom, there is a wide range of contaminants that can pose a risk to the health of the chemo patient and this area should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Before you have each round of chemo, you will have a blood test called a complete blood count (CBC). Cancer information and support . See if you may need a short break from home or work commitments right after treatment, so you can plan ahead. Are you stocked up with essential items, such as groceries and toiletries? Have you prepared your home so that necessary, everyday items are easy to reach? ha! Drink lots of water: On the day before, water prepares your body for the dehydrating effects of treatment. About cancer Find out more about cancer and the impact it has on NSW. Ask your team how to prepare for your first treatment. News. Working with Primary Care. Do you have any special equipment, medicines, creams that you might need after the treatment? Some patients worry that they will have hair loss or nausea. will stick with fragrance-free detergents & such. Cancer screening and primary care: A quality improvement toolkit . Chat online. … Go to main menu. I just want to do all i can to take something off my brother & sisterinlaws plate and by golly - i can clean a house! Leading Better Value Care. so this is all new. NSW Cancer Plan Reducing cancer; Increasing … Media. ... Patient-reported measures (PRMs) Reporting for Better Cancer Outcomes (RBCO) Specialist cancer centres. How to Prepare. The type of treatment you receive depends on the …

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