plaza hotel las vegas, nm haunted room

Hotel was nice and charming. 014719 Facebook Twitter They say that back in the day Cimarron was one of the wildest spots in the Wild West. Initially it served railroad employees, but was later converted into a psychiatric hospital. COMMUNITY PARTNERS Guests have reported seeing Julia’s apparition on the main staircase and in the bar. Wilmington, DE, US, 19809 It seems as though she continued this habit following her death as she is still hanging around! Not the most comfortable stay. GETTING HERE, Signup to receive news and promotions PLAZA VIEW- BOOK NOW ($109–119)The Plaza View rooms are located along the South face of the hotel and overlook the Historic Plaza Park. The Plaza View rooms are located along the South face of the hotel and overlook the Historic Plaza Park. Had to pay for the extra night we didn't use. * To reserve a particular room or for special requests please call the hotel reservation desk directly at 505.425.3591. The La Fonda on the Plaza opened in Santa Fe in 1922, but historical records indicate that there has been an inn of some description on this land since at least 1607. THINGS TO DO, photo credit: New Mexico Tourism Department, Copyright © 2020 The Plaza Hotel Las Vegas, New Mexico - All Rights Reserved | Site Design By. The hotel has seen at least 26 death by both natural and not so natural means. However, the spirits that are said to haunt here go way back! The rooms were nice, but old in antique style. There seems to be a whole range of different paranormal phenomenon being reported at The Shaffer Hotel. The Laguna Vista Lodge is home to a variety of very strange occurrences that could very safely be considered to be paranormal! Plaza Hotel: Historic and ....haunted? Reports say that behind the desk is kept a photograph of the ghost in his room. It is believed that the former lady of the house, Julia Stabb is the one who is now haunting the hotel. When researching a hotel’s amenities, there’s never a checkbox for ghosts. STANDARD (NON PLAZA VIEW) Rooms are only $89 – $99 Book Now, PLAZA VIEW Rooms are only $109 -$119 Book Now. ROOMS The Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas, NM; bottom, circa 1882-1891; bottom inset, former owner and rumored ghost Byron T. Mills; courtesy Palace of the Governors (NMHM/DCA), Neg. EVENTS (800) 232-4319 Standard rooms are located throughout the hotel. Everything was fine, but had an emergency and had to leave early, no flexibility with reservation. DINING In her final years of life she had become something of a recluse and refused to leave the building. Rooms include refrigerators and spacious dressing areas. I highly recommend the Plaza Hotel. However, its other lesser known claim to fame is that the hotel is said to be haunted by the spirit of the hotel’s former owner Byron T. Wells. It also has plenty of ghost stories to tell and the braver visitors out there may want to stay in one of the haunted hotels and inns scattered across the state! Staff members say the ghost has been known to open and close drawers or sit on the beds of female … The Lodge Resort in Cloudcroft is said to be haunted by a ghost known as Rebecca. Her spirit now lingers in her former workplace and has been blamed for turning lights on and off, rearranging furniture and lighting the fireplaces. [Answer] When Ghost Adventures investigates the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico, they pay special attention to Room ___, which was once the office for the hotel owner who is rumored to still haunt the historic building. Views vary from East and West over town, North towards the mountains or limited to the interior. Historic Plaza Hotel. The Hotel is not a destination property, it's a cool historic place to overnight while you explore points of interests and "shop" (if their were shops). The historic Plaza Hotel offers elegant and comfortable rooms in the heart of old town Las Vegas in New Mexico… the original Las Vegas. There are also reports of a murdered bride, a cowboy, and the ghost of Judge John P Slough along with several others. The La Posada de Santa Fe Hotel includes the 1882 building known as The Staab House. STANDARD (NON PLAZA VIEW) Rooms are only $89 – $99, If you have any questions or special requests just give us a call at. It was a partnership of Spanish Catholic merchants, French Protestant traders and German Jewish immigrants – a good model for our times! Yet plenty of us are intrigued by the idea of staying in a haunted hotel. Taos, Santa Fe, the mountains, and the little NM towns are close by and easily reached and Las Vegas has wonderful and undiscovered spots that are worth exploring. Check out our online room rates or call 505.425.3591 and book your stay in historic Las Vegas, New Mexico today! Haunted Rooms America Land baron Benigno Romero and his friends decided Las Vegas needed a first-class hotel, so in 1881 they rounded up the cash and built the Plaza Hotel. It is said that at some point a failing salesman took his own life by throwing himself down the hotel well.

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