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In chemical processes, diffusion is … Stimulus, contagious, and hierarchical diffusion are all kinds of expansion diffusion. Diffusion is a fundamental factor in both natural and human-made processes. Expansion diffusion is distinguished from regular diffusion when something spreads outward from a central point. 10 Examples Of Diffusion In Everyday Life. Have you ever wondered why the fragrance of your perfume or the incense sticks lightened by your mom during prayers spread all over to your home? An example of this is the spread of Islam from its hearth on the Arabian Peninsula to Egypt and North Africa, through Southwest Asia, and into West Africa. What is the definition of contagious diffusion? B) The introduction of tulip farms in Michigan by Dutch immigrants. For example, Islam has spread throughout the world, yet stayed strong in the Middle East, where it was founded. Technology such as television and the Internet, for example, have been instrumental in spreading ideas from place to place, while the advent of air … Forced diffusion or expansion diffusion is the second method of cultural diffusion and takes place when one culture defeats another and forces its beliefs and customs onto the conquered people. An example of Expansion Diffusion can or could be many things such as computer, television or any modern day thing that is in more than one country. Here is an example to understand the diffusion of gases. An example of this would be when the Spanish took over lands in the Americas and later forced the original inhabitants to convert to Roman Catholicism in the 16th and 17th Centuries. This example also shows that the diffusion of any one material is independent of the diffusion of any other substances. jamallbowens18. Contagious Diffusion - a form of expansion diffusion in which nearly all adjacent individuals are affected. Answered by. Expansion diffusion is when innovations spread to new places while staying strong in their original locations. sikringbp found … A) English colonists bringing their language to America. Keep two gases A and B at the same pressure in two parts of the container. It all happens due to diffusion. When oxygen is moving towards tissues from capillaries, carbon dioxide is entering the bloodstream. Ask for details ; Follow Report by Threalone 09/25/2018 Answer. What is an example of expansion diffusion? Take a container, separating it into two partitions. C) The nearly instant popularity of iPods. The molecules of gas A and B are in continuous random motion in its respective compartments. 1 Answer to Which is an example of expansion diffusion? D) The construction of Buddhist temples in Los Angeles

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