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You must have JavaScript enabled to enjoy a limited number of articles over the next 360 days., Do Not Sell My Personal Information  Privacy Policy  Terms of Use  Contact Us  Reprints  Group Sales, For DSR inquiries or complaints, please reach out to Wes Vaux, Data Privacy Officer,, Design, CMS, Hosting & Web Development :: ePublishing, Experts on IRB education offer ideas and tips for improving member training, Here are 6 great ideas for boosting staff morale, Consider resources for patient education program, App Seeks to Improve Doctor-Patient Communication. Patient Education Institute 2. Please click here to continue without javascript.. Be prepared — Don't let errors with medications happen on your watch, When, how to disclose a provider's errors, Same-Day Surgery Manager: Please take note: Top surgeon irritants. In 2011, a major project incorporated exam room computers in the outpatient setting into the education process. … Patient Education For Patient Assessment: 1. For example, patients might view a short video on an impending surgical procedure while they wait for their appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. But with clear documentation to avoid unneces-sary redundancy and a knack for multitasking (e.g., discussing the importance of a medication while Adjacent to an orthopedics waiting area are screens suspended from the ceiling with animations highlighting information about the knee joint or hand. Patients are notified via e-mail of impending appointments with a reminder to access the portal for instructions. The To take advantage of these times, staff members in the Section of Patient Education at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, look for new ways to deliver patient education. touches the patient with education,” she says. "Our core mission is to get the right materials, to the right patient, at the right time," says Becky Smith, RN, MA, manager of patient education. 3. Patient Education – Tools for Patients. Educators often talk about "teachable moments," those times when the patient is ready to learn. Stimulate the patient’s interest. Patient-centered medical facility strategic planning. In the Mayo Clinic outpatient waiting areas, anatomical models and interactive touch screens provide learning opportunities that are department-specific, such as ear, head, and neck in otorhinolargyngology. Print module pretests and posttests to assess patients’ understanding of key concepts and to document their educational needs. "We use a patient-centered approach to assess and identify patient needs and the most suitable innovative delivery method," she explains. . "It is part of the equation along with potential patient outcomes and satisfaction.". Create a culture supporting education It is true that patient education takes additional staff time. The ideas for innovative delivery methods are developed through careful assessment of clinical areas by an educator. Other projects include the following: The Safer Care Patient-Centered Checklist: This was an intervention to promote safe, high-quality practice and improved outcomes. Community IPPE Patient Care Activities or Project Ideas I. Pharmacy Quality Improvement ... patient • Patient Education o Inhaler education o Glucometer training o Encourage students to do as many patient counseling as possible (be on alert of when counseling is required) The process of finding and evaluating evidence will be more straightforward when you create a good PICOT question. of the learner. The calendar includes a separate section listing titles of educational pamphlets, classes, CDs, and videos available in the various clinical areas. Hi all :)I have to do a project where we pick out a certain topic and act out educating a patient/family/audience on it. 3. If patient feedback indicates their physician seems to be rushed and distracted, relay this feedback to the physician and explore what might be leading to this response. Prevention of dementia patient dysfunctional behavior. A PICOT question format idea should be a consistent formula to develop researchable and answerable questions. We’ll suggest 80+ nursing capstone project ideas to get your thinking into gear. This project was … 1-800-370-9210 A patient portal on Mayo Clinic's Web can be accessed through a safe, secure password for such information as lab results and appointment schedules. The portal makes it possible to deliver instructions on preparations for tests and procedures. Type your keyword then click the Search button or select the category of your choice. Careful attention to the design and implementation of an education project will be reflected in learner outcomes. These topics can be challenging and require a great amount of planning and research. To take advantage of these times, staff members in the Section of Patient Education at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, look for new ways to deliver patient education. Shorter videos (60 seconds long) were created in-house for these computers to take advantage of the time patients wait for their physicians. Patient Education Topics. To select a topic, click on its title. Use the patient education tools below to keep your patients informed about their health and disease prevention and management. Written in an approachable and easy-to-understand manner, these materials present the facts without being overly clinical. The Best Practices in Patient-Centered Care project sought to identify concrete innovations and promising practices of United States hospitals that are top performers in delivery of patient-centered care, or who have made remarkable strides in this area. Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico performed a quality improvement project to improve how it processed complaints from its members about quality-of-care issues at health facilities. Not every area has the same educational tools, says Smith. Use the Kidney School Table of Contents (pages 8-10) to assess patients’ interest in specific subjects. Innovative ideas for patient education This moment might be in a waiting area, exam room, or a hospital bed. Also available are computer workstations that help patients navigate reliable web sites. This is a list of nursing capstone project ideas to get you on track for writing your own. The computers also can be used to call up the database of hundreds of approved written materials created by the Section of Patient Education or to access consumer health information on Mayo's web site ( It's essential that patients understand why this is important. Innovative educational delivery methods also have been created to reach patients at home. 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