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Feel free to leave a comment! There are lots of other fish you can keep with blood parrots as tank mates. These fish are rather active and need ample room to swim. The debate continues… Some fishkeepers say they have housed opaline gouramis together with blood parrots with no problem while others say they will fight if you house them together. Most people will say “blood parrots are aggressive fish” and as much as that might be true, you can still house other fish with them. Hello, They are also bottom dwellers and will not bother your blood parrot fish. Best Cichlid Food – 6 Most Nutritious Choices Reviewed, Flowerhorn Care Guide & A Closer Look at These Amazing Cichlids. Blood parrot tank mates are definitely a possibility, but you must choose the right fish to co-exist with your blood parrot. Also, you are going to want to get fish that are bigger than the size of your blood parrots mouth. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'cichlidguide_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_5',134,'0','0']));They can grow to be 12 inches long as adults and will do best with more than one of their species. The Blood Parrot is compatible as they are another cichlid, like the Oscar, and can hold their own. Even under the best of circumstances, your pet Blood Parrot may become stressed and territorial. A few of the characteristics of the Blood Parrot will help you determine parrot fish compatibility in your aquarium. Parrot Tank Mates Social behaviour and tankmates Blood Parrots are territorial but their limited mobility means they cannot swim away from trouble easily. Plus answers to some of the common questions we have been asked over the years when discussing compatibility with a blood parrot fish. If you want to try it, you will have to monitor the fish very carefully for a while. Go with the larger sized tetras. Also, you are going to want to get fish that are bigger than the size of your blood parrots mouth. Blood parrot tank mates are definitely a possibility, but you must choose the right fish to co-exist with your blood parrot. I don’t take it all the time only when I have consistent anxiety and it does help the awful closed throat, heavy heart feeling I get before I have an anxiety attack. Another group of potential tankmates is other Cichlid species. Being a peaceful fish, convicts should make good tank mates for your blood parrot. Their deformed mouths mean they cannot fight particularly well either. It should be noted that these potential tankmates may become more aggressive when attempting to pair off for mating if other Angelfish are present. It’s a hit or miss in this situation. Of course, always use caution when mixing fish. Be warned, blood parrots and convicts can breed and create very awkward looking fish. When it comes to determining Blood Parrot Cichlid tank mates you need to keep in mind that nothing is absolute. Convicts are not peaceful at all. could i keep a bp with a green terror OR an oscar in a 55 gallon. If you’d like you could add a bit of foliage and PVC pipes in the tank to allow for your tetras to hide and maneuver around just in case there is a little tension between the two species. Growing up to six inches in length, these fish are compatible due to their peaceful nature. Selecting fish with peaceful dispositions is only the start. A Guide in Choosing Blood Parrot Fish Tank Mates, 8 Best Freshwater Aquarium Plants for Beginners. As long as each fish is given ample areas to hide when they feel like it, there should be little compatibility issues between them. Fast tetras will work as dither fish. We would love to hear about your experiences when keeping other compatible fish species with your Blood Parrot, as well as if you have any questions. As Blood Parrots will school in an aquarium, other Parrot Fish make excellent potential tankmates for blood parrot cichlids. It is recommended to get a big apple snail, rather than a small one if you have a large blood parrot fish. A major consideration with this type of potential tankmate is that they do best in small schools of three or more fish. Important steps to take when building a compatible community tank: Cichlid Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. You will only want to keep one of this type of tankmate, as they tend to be aggressive towards other Plecos housed in their aquarium. Tank mates - Blood Parrot. Tank size – If you are getting tank mates for your blood parrot, you will be needing a large fish tank. At the same time, the Blood Red Parrot is passive enough to not stress an Oscar and will give it space in the fish tank. The more room, the better. Keep in mind that they are shy and will require hiding spaces to get away from the Parrot Fish tankma… Texas cichlid – this lasted only 8 hours, then he had to be scooped out and thrown back with the aggressive fish.

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