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The rising sun spreads a golden sheet on Nature and coupled with the cool fragrance of buds, blossoms and flowers. Paragraph on Make hay while the sun shines. Sometimes, an opportunities lost is lost forever. Opportunities knock at one’s door rarely. - 19859011 Ask your question. It is because of the habit of seeing the sunrise daily that the early risers are always healthy. People have started to leave the beach now and it is slowly starting to get dark. Paragraph on Sun // Paragraph about The kind sun // #paragraph #ankitasen #thesun Still then the scientists have found out what the sun is made of by using special instruments. The soft beams of the rising sun are especially beneficial to the eyes and strengthen our bones. ADVERTISEMENTS: One should make use of the opportunities and favorable conditions while they last. The beauty of the sun-set scene also depends on the surrounding, sitting or standing in which the beholder enjoys it. Sun is a huge ball of hot gases that nobody can go near it, leave alone landing on it. Ask your question Paragraph on “The Sun” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12. but it becomes exceptionally enjoyable during a cool, calm evening. Article Shared By. Sun Temple Essay, Paragraph , Article , Note Sun Temple Essay on Konark temple Essay On Sun Temple Modhera Paragraph On Sun Temples The Sun temple is one of... Our Source Of Bread & Milk. it tones up our system’s and enhances physical beauty. Short Paragraph on ‘Make Hay While the Sun Shines’ By NMK On Jan 13, 2017 0. A sun-set scene-Paragraph A sun-set scene is a regular phenomenon of our daily life. Paragraph on the sun. The Sun. Once the sun completely disappears into the water, I start to slowly walk back towards the resort, still taking in the beauty and serenity of it all and knowing I cannot get this every day but enjoying every last bit of it.

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