paint shop inspection checklist

H . Automotive shops can self-regulate using a checklist. Paint manufacturers reformulated their coatings to comply with new regulations. D . -shop blasters in booth with negative pressure-respirators available for painting. Best Practices Checklist Spray Painting USE A SPRAY BOOTH OR PREP STATION FOR ALL SPRAY PAINTING TASKS 1 C Reduces inhalation exposure (to painters and other shop workers) C Results in cleaner, more efficient paint jobs - less sanding and buffing Stir paint well to maintain uniformity The paint is stirred well in its original containers with the help of a solid wooden or iron stick during application of paint to maintain uniform consistency. • Require a pre-paint meeting where the owner, applicator and selected manufacturers NACE Certified Representative and inspector if employed all meet on site prior to coating application. Reference Standards Cited in Guide . The following are common, important safety guidelines to remember when working in the shop environment: Under no circumstances should unapproved people be allowed to use the shop equipment. Procedure for Detecting Moisture and Oil in Compressed Air . Inspection Checklist . The paint work is not done in cold weather i.e. Automotive shops contain various chemicals, machines and flammable materials that could injure workers if the shop is mismanaged. This meeting will insure that everyone is clear on the schedule, surface preparation and application methods. Do not allow unauthorized persons to visit or loiter in the shop. NA Paint offers a low cost yet extremely powerful tool for paint shop engineers and management both to evaluate the operational efficiency of an existing paint application process and to improve it. (1) Spray booths. (2) Paint spray operations not conforming to (1) must be approved by OSHEM and meet the following minimum requirements: (a) The room is specifically designed for that purpose; • Require holdpoint-inspections. Do subsequent coats after 24 hours room temperature is not below 5 degree Celsius. E . 12. All spray booths shall be installed to conform to the requirements of NFPA 33. Inspection Equipment . To make it easier to remember, try adding all of these items to your calendar based on how often it … Secure the shop when no one is present. Example of Inspection Daily Checklist . F . SSPC-Paint 38 Standard Procedure for Evaluating Painting Contractors 9 Inspection of Fluorescent Coating Systems SSPC-TU 11 Standard Procedure for Evaluating Painting Contractors 9 Standard Procedure for Evaluating the Qualifications of Contractors Who Apply Thermal Spray (Metallizing) for Corrosion Protection of Steel and Concrete Structures Keep Your Paint Booth Safe: The Checklist To keep your paint booth as safe as possible, there are some simple things you should do to maintain your booth and the safety of those who work in it. G . When possible, paint spray booths shall be located in the paint shop. 13. Shop Safety Checklist. This has led to the development of a wide variety of high-tech Volatile organic compounds, paint, silica from sandblasting, fumes from metal welding and ergonomic issues caused by lifts and noises can cause health problems.

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