pagan revival in europe

He tried to stop the Christian attacks on the Greek pantheon; he tried to reverse the policies directed against the pagan Greeks adopted by early Christian Roman emperors. Ancient Anomalous Human Skeletons: Humanity Could be Much Older Than We Think. Millions of pagans were murdered by Christian goons led by newly converted priests. Europe most likely won’t become pagan again, but it is interesting to think of what sort of civilization would be birthed from the revival of one of these ancient religious traditions. Copyright IndiaFacts Research Centre - 2015,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IndiaFacts Webinar: Hinduphobia on Wikipedia, Know Who the Real Fascists Are: The Harsh Mander Video, The Bhattacharjee Chronicles – I: How to Take Over a Country and Reformat its Civilisation, Not Oppressed: A Statement of Shudra Pride. “Paganism found an ally in the ecological and feminist movements of the 1960s,” says the BBC. Reconstructionists avoid embellishing ancient pagan religions with modern movements and ideologies. Most of the latter group of Heathens also believe that worship of the Germanic gods is not limited to any particular ethnic or racial background simply that those individuals interested in worshiping them should learn something about and agree with some aspects of the culture from which they originated. Why is the pope so obsessed with paganism that blasting this group has become an annual pr-Christmas diatribe? In the US, there is a burgeoning interest in Druidry, Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca, Kabbala and Tantra among others. Available at:, “Eastern Europe’s Christian Reawakening” by Filip Mazurczak (2014). Many American “are no longer seeking solace for their souls in the arms of Christianity… today’s most popular forms of spirituality are those associated with the occult, neopaganism and witchcraft” (7). Spanish historian Bartolomé Las Casas wrote of the reaction of the chief: Hatuey, thinking a little, asked the religious man if Spaniards went to heaven. Another key reason is that paganism – or dharma – does not seek to harvest souls for the sake of numbers. Available at:, “France’s Catholic Revolution” by Samuel Gregg (2015). Top image: Illustration of Celtic goddess (jozefklopacka / Adobe Stock). Source:  CC BY NC-SA 2.0. Folkish heathens believe that all cultures of the world have a rich heritage of beliefs and gods indigenous to their lands that are appropriate to worship or follow. It is a process that is led by rational, free-thinking individuals rather than organisations that believe they are more powerful than national governments. First Things. Old traditions pre-dating the appearance of the Jewish carpenter turned Messiah are beginning to re-emerge. “More than four in ten (41 per cent) residents of Vermont and approximately one-third of Americans in Oregon (36 per cent), Washington (35 per cent), Hawaii (34 per cent), Colorado (33 per cent) and New Hampshire (33 per cent) are religiously unaffiliated.”. about Invasion of Britain by Brothers Hengist and Horsa: Truth or Legend? The genial emperor was determined to restore the worship of the gods and the honoured Greek-Roman traditions. Since the 19th century, there has been an increasing interest in ancient pre-Christian European religions such as ancient Greek, Germanic, Celtic, and Slavic paganism. This drift away from Christianity is causing a dramatic transformation in the way Americans perceive the world. In fact, they are more likely to be repelled by Christianity’s “jealous god” who loves “punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments”.

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