owl butterfly host plant

Owl Butterfly Caligo atreus Order: Lepidoptera Family: Nymphalidae Wingspan: 5.5 – 6.25 inches (140 – 160 mm) Habitat: The Owl Butterfly is primarily found in dense rainforest but occasionally they visit plantations to lay their eggs. growing host plants leads to more but-terflies fluttering around the garden throughout the seasons. Owl Butterfly Insect White Stock Photography, Butterfly Insect is a 871x696 PNG image with a transparent background. Each butterfly species has its own special host plant. ... Anywherecostarica.com, 2015. 7 talking about this. Host Plant: The larvae are known to feed on plants in the families Heliconiaceae, Cycanthaceae and It has been a joy to see and learn more about Owl butterflies over the last several years. The butterfly's primary host plant is the endangered dwarf plantain, but larvae also may live on purple owl's clover or exerted Indian paintbrush. The main host plants for caterpillars are heliconia and banana (Anywhere Costa Rica, ... chrysalis hangs downward from the stern of the plant by attaching to a silken pad. Several host plants of Morpho peleides larvae have been identified, and the species is thought to have a very broad host range. The female will usually only lay her eggs on one specific host plant and the caterpillar will generally refuse any other food. Unlike their more generalized parents, caterpillars are very picky eaters. The Owl Butterfly - Facts and Interesting Information. 'Owl Butterfly, Costa Rica - Information, Where To See It, And Photos'. 11. As a result, the female of each species seeks out a spe-cific plant or plants on which to lay its eggs. Article by HubPages. Encouraging bio-diversity in everyones back yard I love to take photos of them and experience them up close when I am able to. Tagged under Butterfly, Insect, White, Stock Photography, Owl Butterfly, Moth, Pachliopta Aristolochiae. The Owl butterfly generally lays her eggs on banana leaves, the Heliconius species on passion flower leaves and the … According to Urich and Emmel (1991), the primary wild host plant in Trinidad is Paragonia pyramidata (Bignoniaceae), and females were observed laying eggs on Erythrina glauca and Erythrina micropteryx (both Fabaceae).

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