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In retrospect, the prediction that 12/21/2012 would bring a new Black Sun age of strife and darkness looks increasingly accurate to me, but it remains to be seen whether Tezcatlipoca will return in his old form or in some other mask. Willpower Theory 76 Book Three, Lords of the Force, reveals the nature and source of the Force, the metaphysical laws of its power, and various methodologies for commanding and conquering with it. Having said that, we will offer the following list of reasons that members of the Order (including ourselves) have expressed for becoming part of this current: Black Sun spirit: the Black Sun symbol and the spirit behind it call to them in some ineffable but powerful way. Buy the full color paperback edition here. Ice Station Wolfenstein (Order of the Black Sun Series) (Volume 1) byP.W. The sorcerers of ancient Mexico were the first ones to see those fleeting shadows, so they followed them around. Becoming a Black Sun Seer (Borzûm-Gurûzâth) means learning to unsee the light of the White Sun that blinds most beings to the existence of the formless, Shadow World. His pauses were perfectly placed. January 6, 2019April 3, 2019 admin21 Comments, Now available: Sith Academy: Acolyte Training. The secret of magic is the same, whether one is talking about the magic of metaphysics, cooking, or art. He always stopped talking when I was hanging by a thread. March 28, 2018January 6, 2019 adminNo Comments. It’s simple really; I have identified the source of both my dark inspiration and the larger currents of chaos in the world with the same entity: the Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca, one of the myriad avatars of the Black Sun which appear throughout recorded history. This concept is quite accurate with the story of Apep and Buddha Statement that all returns to Nothingness,but you forget of the possible Hero such as Balder's return and Heru behutet that wrestles... How goes it? It is this perception that we symbolize by the Black Sun: a portal to an incomprehensible outer dimension that we didn’t previously suspect existed, suddenly opening before us, threatening to devour our inner space like a black hole devours outer space. That's why our book series of the month is the River Universe. Nor is magic a quest for “truth”, for it is the will and the imagination, not the intellect, that the magician plays upon. The White Sunlit World is where almost all beings spend almost all of their time; the Shadow World is where only a few mystics, magicians, madmen and prophets dare to venture. December 21, 2012 is therefore a day of great symbolic significance for our Order: It will be the day the white Fifth Sun falls, the black Sixth Sun rises and Tezcatlipoca returns! The key elements of George Lucas’s Star Wars saga can be traced back to Joseph Campbell’s idea of the “Hero’s Journey”, Frank Herbert’s Dune series, 1940s pulp film serials such as Flash Gordon, Kurosawa’s films, Marvel Comics’ Doctor Doom, DC Comic’s New Gods, and metaphysical ideas from Zen Buddhism, Taoism and Castaneda himself (see this and this). Echelon Two Challenges 96 From Book 1. Aspects of the Force 121 That’s idiotic!” don Juan said, smiling. Nothing can escape its destiny in the Void of the Black Sun. Âg Borûk chagâsh mâzûk izil Through the mind, which, after all, is their mind, the predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them. And they did discover something transcendental.”. It was either one shadow going back and forth or various fleeting shadows moving from left to right or right to left or straight up in the air. Appetite for destruction: death, destruction and darkness are appealing activities and objects of interest. Sam Cleave, reporter for a small newspaper, has se…, After barely escaping the perilous expedition to t…, After Sam Cleave’s perilous experience on the Nort…, After a series of deadly museum robberies, where c…, Investigative journalist Sam Cleave finds himself …, After their last tangle with eerie physics in the …, In their attempt to seek refuge with the Black Sun…, Archaeologist Dr. Nina Gould swears she is making …, Billionaire Dave Purdue buys an antique art piece,…, At the CERN laboratory in Switzerland the Large Ha…, The discovery of a shipwreck off the coast of Sout…, During one of the most successful exhibitions in t…, A strange and terrifying ability surfaces in inves…, The World Unity Organization is about to sign a pe…, Dr. Nina Gould is dealing with her illness as best…, Billionaire explorer David Purdue accidentally ste…, A high school group off on a long weekend in the N…, Billionaire explorer David Purdue is tasked to ret…, While on assignment in England, investigative jour…, The sea off the coast of Spain holds a secret, bur…, After inheriting a farm on New Zealand’s South Isl…, Belgian physicist Dr. Jacobs learns that an infamo…, With a terminally ill wife, Glasgow mechanic Court…, Historian Dr. Nina Gould, is visited by her stepbr…, Project Phoenix: The Search for Immortality, Billionaire adventurer David Purdue never expected…, Occult expert Jean-Luc Gerard has heard legend of …, After losing everything he owned in a swift defeat…, Cunning adventurer David Purdue has finally regain…, A SECRET SOCIETY. “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. The Black Sun destroys the entire apparatus that creates consensus reality, revealing it all to be an elaborate illusion. The Order of the Black Sun series leads the listener on a roller-coaster ride in search of a legend. In which sun’s light do you choose to walk? Âg mâzûk chagâsh gân gâthât Order of the Black Sun Series Book Series(37 Books) All Formats Kindle Edition. Written vertically in our Hârzad script, it looks like this: By this Unity Oath, every band of Black Sunnites and every territory they control are united in a larger Brotherhood and Empire.

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