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/ Who don't believe in anything? No Church in the Wild So while I realize that I’ve been discussing a lot of Kanye West lyrics, I’m going to continue this trend this week by discussing the song “No Church in the Wild.” This song may be familiar to many people as it was heard in the recent adaptation of The Great Gatsby . Blood stains the coliseum doors. Lies on the lips of a priest. Thus no church in the wild. / What's a king to a god? Leading off the chorus is Jay-Z saying, "Tears on the mausoleum floor. Translation of 'No Church In The Wild' by Kanye West from English to Greek No church in the wild Lyrics: Human being to the mob / What's a mob to a king? The song No Church in the Wild is a collaboration by hip hop artists Kanye West and Jay Z.In this post I analyze the lyrics of this song. This prefatory note could be made of any poetic analysis, but for whatever reason, I felt like I wanted to talk about it now: this isn’t going to be an exhaustive analysis. Thanksgiving disguised as a feast.." Once people lose grip of a belief chaos erupts. / What's a god to a non-believer? Enregistrement. Exhaustive Analysis? Frank Ocean du collectif Odd Future participe au morceau, ainsi que The-Dream de manière non créditée. No Church in the Wild est une chanson des rappeurs Jay-Z et Kanye West, 7 e single extrait de leur album commun Watch the Throne.

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