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Success! When you make a purchase, we receive revenue. Updated Try Me Tiger Sauce, 6-Pack ($11.94; Seabury is a fan of Hoff’s whole line of hot sauces, but this flavor, made with green jalapeños and lemongrass, provides a summery kick that works well on pretty much everything from breakfast tacos to seafood. If you’re a fan of anything horseradish and love smoky sauces, you might want to have a few bottles of this addictive, rather mild-spicy sauce in your pantry. If you’ve ever eaten wings in Washington D.C., … Start with bright red cayennes for Louisiana-style sauces or red jalapeños to make homemade sriracha.”, ’The Hot Sauce Cookbook: Turn Up the Heat With 60+ Pepper Sauce Recipes’ by Robb Walsh (starting at $8.99; Frank’s now sells a ’wing sauce’ in addition to its hot pepper sauce.”, Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Wings Sauce ($4.12; You can also find it as a three-pack ($21.74; If major heat's what you're craving, this aptly named sauce has developed a devoted following for its sheer Scoville impact. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit ($40; favorite version made with decadent white truffles. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. LBI Love Potion Extra Garlic Hot Sauce ($13.95; ’Fiery Ferments: 70 Stimulating Recipes for Hot Sauces, Spicy Chutneys, Kimchis With Kick, and Other Blazing Fermented Condiments’ by Kirsten K. Shockey and Christopher Shockey (staring at $10.49; For a more high-end experience, Truff hot sauce incorporates the flavors of white and black truffle in this three-pack of gourmet hot sauces that comes in very giftable packaging. Cholula Original Hot Sauce, 6-Pack ($19.99; Welcome to our hot sauce and fiery foods new products category. Perfect when paired with everything from stir-frys to french fries, this slightly sweet, not terribly hot option is pretty much a household name by this point, for good reason. When you think “hot sauce,” you may not immediately think “strawberries,” but this strawberry serrano blend is the perfect addition to ice cream and savory dishes alike. For DIY spice lovers, what could be better than a kit that lets them take all of their peppery knowledge and blend up their own signature flavor. Garlic enthusiasts rejoice: The perfect hot sauce for you is just a click away. Another DIY option, this highly rated kit comes with peppers (including the super-spicy ghost pepper), vinegar, spice packets, bottles, pH strips, recipes cards and more. We chatted with hot sauce experts and — based on their recommendations, editor favorites and top-selling products — rounded up some of the best options you can find online. Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, 3-Pack ($12.94; or prices vary for a 12-ounce bottle; Add some luxury to your hot sauce collection with Truff's stable of truffle-infused hot sauces, including this fan (and Oprah!) If you're already squirting "rooster sauce" on everything, try expanding your sriracha palate with this version from NYC-based favorite Bushwick Kitchen. Its flavor and texture make it a good pair for setting off richer foods like pizza and burgers. Hot Sauce of the Month Club (starting at $13.99 a month; With a medium heat level, Gator Hammock is beloved by its fans for its balanced peppery, slightly garlicky flavor that lends itself well to being a versatile hot sauce. If you’re new to the hot sauce game, perhaps you may not know where to start, or what types of the beloved condiment pair best with certain foods. Please click the button below to agree to our Terms and Conditions and acknowledge our Privacy Policy. Hot sauce lovers don't kid around. If an account exists, we've sent an email with a link to reset your password. “Every grocery store has jalapeños and habaneros. For the hot sauce devotee, nothing makes a better gift than, well, more hot sauce! Lauren Hubbard is a freelance writer and Town & Country contributor who covers beauty, shopping, entertainment, travel, home decor, wine, and cocktails. Surprise the hot sauce enthusiast in your life with a new bottle of artisan hot sauce on their doorstep every month or quarter. Below are some options for a range of budgets and tastes. While tolerance for heat and personal flavor preferences obviously run the gamut, if you’re hosting a party and seeking a hot sauce that’s likely to appeal to a wide range of palates — or just looking for a staple to stock your fridge with — there are some solid options to choose from that should hit the mark. Blending Scotch bonnet peppers with mustard, Matouk’s Calypso Sauce is an addictive, tangy Caribbean-style hot sauce that will more than satisfy fans of heat no matter what it’s used on. (One customer gives it a “maybe a 3/10 on the heat scale,” and we agree.)

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