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Also, there's a butterfly rainforest habitat at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, home to several hundred native and exotic butterflies on any given day. They teem with brightly colored and stealthily camouflaged animals. Animals without a backbone, known as invertebrates, find the natural resources in Florida provide them with various habitats for thriving and reproducing. Florida's wild trees, shrubs, vines and wildflowers, birds, insects, and other fauna. Wild Things. Florida Black Bear. It is your responsibility to keep wildlife wild by being respectful of the animals and their habitat. 11 Wild Animals You'll Find in Southwest Florida From bobcats to otters, here's a sampling of the wildlife you might run into in Southwest Florida. Ameiva ameiva (LINNAEUS 1758), Giant Ameiva; [NON-NATIVE]. While humans keep developing formerly wild environments in Florida, the wetlands in the south of the state have become a last refuge for many endangered animals. Observing wild animals in their natural environment is a privilege. The Florida panther is the state animal of Florida. Florida is a beautiful state with many diverse animals. The preservation of Florida's wildlife is dependent on the preservation of its native plant species and habitats. FNAI uses a ranking system developed by The Nature Conservancy and the Natural Heritage Program Network to assign two ranks to each element (species or natural community) it tracks. Like Winnie the Pooh, Florida black bears love honey; but also honeybees, fruits, nuts, twigs and small animals. Checklist of Florida Lizards--Click on thumbnails for a larger view--Agama agama (LINNAEUS 1758), African Rainbow Lizard; [NON-NATIVE]. However, it is still listed as threatened. The West Indian manatee can be found in the shallow waters of the Florida Everglades. Some of the native animals are grey foxes, coyote, bobcat, Florida Panther, and the American Black Bear. Ameiva praesignis (BAIRD & GIRARD 1852), Borriguerro Ameiva; [NON-NATIVE]. The Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI) tracks over 1000 plants, animals and natural communities in Florida. Animals Native to Florida Wetlands Florida’s wetlands provide the ideal habitat for hundreds of different species of birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. Anolis carolinensis (VOIGT 1832), Green Anole. Anolis chlorocyanus (DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1837), Hispaniolan Green Anole; [NON-NATIVE] Binoculars and spotting scopes allow you to view wildlife … West Indian Manatee. Florida also has more than 500 nonnative animal species and 1,000 nonnative insects found throughout the state. Give wildlife plenty of space. Southwest Florida has more than a million acres of nature sanctuaries that visitors can explore by foot, snorkel, kayak, canoe, paddleboard, or bike. Wildlife Viewing Ethics. As of 2017, manatees are no longer listed as an endangered species. Some of Florida’s most unusual residents reside in the state’s plethora of wildlife refuges, sanctuaries, and preserves. The Indian manatee, a giant herbivore, can be found in the Florida Everglades. These plants provide food directly to the herbivores and omnivores and in turn feed everything from fish & birds to the Florida …

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