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Mandy felt embarrassed as Miao Miao ridiculed her for stealing the food. Xie Ying intends to give birth to the child but Gui Qiang does not know how to explain. My role was of a prostitute, and he was supposed to be a pervert. Mandy moves into a HDB flat to save expenses, and become flatmates with Dong Yu, and neighbours with her foe, Miao Miao and Si Jin, a single mother. SINGAPORE - Mediacorp's rookie talent Benjamin Tan went from being a florist to flaunting his flower boy looks in two English-language dramas last year. She looks for Jun Yuan and questions him. Bonnie added, “I also remember a similar experience. As the spokesperson for a cosmetics brand, Gui Qiang's manager hopes that he can keep a low profile, leaving him troubled. Xie Ying leaves after she feels that Gui Qiang does not want the child. Xie Ying is pregnant and looks for Gui Qiang to discuss the matter, the two feel helpless. He’s learned Aikido and he enjoys showing off his skills using my body as a punching bag!” Joshua said with mock horror. ... My Guardian Angels. Miao Miao gives Dong Yu curry but it was eaten by Mandy and her daughters. She originally went out to sea with Jun Yuan but was abandoned by him at a deserted island, having to row herself back painstakingly using a sampan. Mandy then decides to invest five thousand dollars to test waters and indeed earns a few thousand dollars. He added, however, that he treats Pierre as his guardian angel despite the memorable encounter. Mandy comes back in a mess after her holiday. As a result, the three had to go to the clinic due to a diarrhoea, coincidentally meeting Miao Miao. Mandy hears from her daughter, Xie Ying, that her boyfriend, Justin, is earning fast money through virtual currency investment.

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