mxl 2001 circuit

The Marshall/MXL mic with redesigned electronics works very nicely and more than justifies the effort and expense. MXL Revelation II Tube Condenser Microphone The MXL Revelation II is a studio microphone that delivers the warmth and … When the Marshall MXL 2001 condenser microphone appeared on the market, I bought one with the idea of reworking the internal electronics to a circuit similar to that in the U-47, to see how well the microphone could be made to work. justifies the work and expense, particularly since printed circuit boards are available, which will remove most of the risk of wiring err ors. The FET-based circuit design offers a low noise and discreet signal path when paired with the 32mm capsule, allowing the REVELATION MINI to deliver the classic REVELATION sound at a lower price. However, the sounds is "fuller" and less "bright" sounding than the 2006. The MXL 991 is a small-diaphragm condenser mic with a fixed cardioid (described by MXL as “wide cardioid”) pickup pattern. Home >> MXL Studio Microphones. The circuit is adapted to a 5840 tube and it more closely follows American, rather than German, design practice. 2002) of the SCM-900 share the same circuit as the MXL 2001, and can be modified using one of our other kits. The gold-sputtered diaphragm is 6 microns thick and measures 20mm in diameter. The older ADK mics have a similar circuit with better components. + Click to Learn More. Studio Microphones. MXL992, V63, V53, Studio Projects C1, and the smaller capsule 990,991, 603, 993 have … When the Marshall MXL 2001 first appeared on the market, it struck me as a likely candidate for modification. The MP-V57 is a circuit board kit that will fit most of the 170–190mm condenser microphones made in China, including the MCA SP1, MXL 2006, MXL V63M, MXL 910, MXL V57, MXL V250, and more; see list below-- or, if you don't want your fantastic new mic to have some other company's name on it, check out our "S-series" transformerless DIY microphone kits, which incorporate the MP-V57 circuit. The basic transformerless mics also have the same circuit. The 3000 has a large 4.7uf transformer film coupling capacitor and they eliminated the capacitor that couples the capsule to the Fet. I think the transformer is a bit too high a ratio, as the mic is a little less sensitive. The microphone's capsule is a decent copy of the capsule in a Neumann U-67 and, when mated to well-designed tube electronics, the performance is very presentable. That isn't a fair test, as the circuits … I don't have another 2001 at the moment to compare to, but I did compare it to a stock MXL 2006. MXL 2001, V67g, 3000, all have the same circuit. This kit is also compatible with the original MXL 2003 (NOT the MXL 2003A, which uses a different circuit), although the caps for the 2003 are labeled differently (this will be explained in detail in the instructions that follow). However, the MXL 3000 version of the circuit is upgraded in at least two significant ways from the 2001/V67G: the capsule is directly coupled to the JFET input, with no coupling capacitor. MXL 991 Wide Cardioid Pencil Condenser Microphone. It is nearly identical to the MXL 2001 / V67G circuit, with a 2SK170 JFET and 2SA1015 transistor driving the the transformer. Now let's see about the Marshall MXL 2001. Figure 3 is the schematic for the modified MXL 2001 microphone and its power supply.

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