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I update this list everytime when I have watched a new movie. Trouble increases when Sawyer sees her stalker at the centre. His ex-wife has been a havoc in his life. Sam, aware of his nature, tries to involve police but due to the lack of evidence, nothing official can be done against Cady. As planned, she goes to the airport to run away with Loic, but he doesn’t arrive. Dave realises this and tries to break-up with her. I know its weird but im into those movies so help! Yeah, it's basically the movie version of Becky with the good hair. Set in 1863, it shows America during the time of the Civil War. "Secret Obsession" is Netflix's latest made-for-tv-style movie, but it's certainly not the first on the streaming platform's long list of original movies. Obsessed is like an updated version of the classic 80's flick Fatal Attraction. When he has a chance encounter with Jerry, Rupert decides to approach him for help. © 2020 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Her craziness led her to kill one of Neil’s lovers for which she was sent to jail. Netflix’s Fatal Affair Is Like Obsessed and Fatal Attraction on Steroids Christopher Rosa 7/16/2020. This film is based on the life of Victor Hugo’s daughter Adele Hugo. Like people being obsessed with lovers or teachers. Sure, Netflix makes headlines for acquiring festival films (like, What To Watch On Netflix If You Liked Secret Obsession, Exactly 34 minutes and 38 seconds into Lovers Rock, something magical happens. In order to escape the ordeal, she moves to a different place, but her experience with the stalker has left her scarred. When Pinson refuses to get back with her, Adele is undeterred. UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIES. He doesn’t mix up much with other people but seems to like the Yorkin family who has been his regular customers for years. One night, he meets Evelyn at a bar. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. The stalker thriller genre isn't going anywhere, people. Turns out, Gordo holds a grudge against Simon and will not stop until his life is destroyed. ‘Obsessed’ is exactly what its name suggests. Ludo; Ginny Weds Sunny; The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two; The Christmas Chronicles; Holidate; The Kissing Booth 2; Bheeshma ; … 12 years later, she is released and this marks a very difficult time in Neil’s life who is married to someone else now. Alex, on the other hand, is quite serious for him. Unknowingly, she signs a form that allows the centre to keep her for the day. In order to get herself checked, she makes an appointment at a behavioural centre. Watch now for free. After spending eight years in prison, when Cady is released, the first thing on his mind to settle the matter with Sam. With the return of his ex-wife, who will stop at nothing to get him back, Neil’s life is thrown into hell. When college freshman Sara arrives on campus for the first time, she befriends her roommate, Rebecca, unaware that the girl is becoming dangerously obsessed with her. With Idris Elba and Beyoncé in the leading role, ‘Obsessed’ shows the lengths to which a crazy stalker can go to destroy your life. Netflix's new thriller, "Fatal Affair" is like "Obsessed" and "Fatal Attraction" on steroids. Here is the list of Best Movies like Titanic for the Romance Lovers: The Notebook: Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, The Notebook follows the story of an exciting and sloppy summer romance of a country boy, Noah (Ryan Gosling) and a wealthy upper-class lady aged merely 17, Allie (Racheal McAdams). The basic synopsis is a bloke who is married to Beyonce sleeps with an office temp and then said office temp attempts to destroy his life. But, she won’t leave him alone so easily. However, over the years, his liking turns into an obsession. Read More: Movies Like Friends With Benefits. You can watch some of these best movies like Obsessed on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. but never feels derivative, and actually carries with it a surprising and emotional … While at first, their encounter seems to have happened by chance, Evelyn reveals that she had planned it. Standing out in a cast that includes Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Vic, 27 Romantic Christmas Movies You Can Stream Right Now, 17 Holiday Movies Streaming On Hulu Right Now. When he breaks off with her, she doesn’t take it well. When he is fired from his job, he decides to keep an eye on the Yorkin family. This film is based on true events that happened to a 16-year-old girl named Laurie Show. However, Kenneth returns to exact revenge on Cathy for leaving him and killing their child. Sam Bowden had only done his job when he testified against a rape criminal, Max Cady. When his family is away, Dan and Alex have a casual fling. But Jerry refuses to help him. Derek and Sharon are happily married. Years later, Cathy finds love with Jack Byrnes and their life progresses happily. When you get out of a toxic relationship, you wish you don’t get to see the face of your ex ever again. However, he becomes prone to indiscretion after he meets Alex. The story draws heavily from iconic 80s movies like The Goonies and E.T. Dan Gallagher has a successful career and a happy family. In the beginning, Aaron sympathises with his cause, however, as he spends more time with him, Josef begins to get creepier. As the levels of Lisa’s madness for Derek are unravelled we see the danger increase for the married couple.If you are into obsessive love stories, here’s the list of movies similar to Obsessed that are our recommendations. However, some fans don’t understand the concept of boundaries. Dan’s efforts to push her away don’t work and Alex’s intentions become more and more dangerous. Rupert Pupkin is a fan of comedian Jerry Langford. He begins stalking Sam and his family. Lovers and friends attending a 1980 house party are dancing to Janet Kay’s, Five years ago, author and journalist Ta-Nehesi Coates published Between the World and Me, a sobering recollection of the United States’ history of w, This story contains spoilers for Happiest Season, streaming on Hulu November 25. Luckily for fans of "Enola Holmes," there are plenty of other movies with similar appeal available to stream on Netflix. Some of the sexiest and even more adult films available now. Adore Im really bored!! He tries to become friends with them but doesn’t succeed as much as he would want to. Movies move us like nothing else can, whether they’re scary, funny, dramatic, romantic or anywhere in-between. When she meets Michelle and Lawrence, she befriends them and becomes a part of their life. Comedies Explore more. Between the stacked cast, fast-paced adventure, and charming feminist protagonist, "Enola Holmes" offers a refreshing new perspective on the Sherlockian world created by Arthur Conan Doyle. Dave is a radio jockey in California. Simon is irritated by Gordo’s behaviour and even confronts him about it. I have netflix INSTANT and i wnt to watch movies about obsession. In this film, Robin Williams plays the role of a lonely photo technician names Seymour Parrish. With Robert De Niro in the role of Rupert, this film takes a satiric form to tell its story that has an unresolved ending.

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