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Additionally, the Archived Physics Courses page has links to every archived course from this department. eighteen), so seeing how the new physics came about is helpful in overcoming Physics based on what was known before then (Newton’s laws, that “common sense” and getting a better understanding of nature. Physics based on what was known before then (Newton’s laws, Maxwell’s equations, thermodynamics) is called “classical” physics. Students can make one copy for personal use, but the notes are not to be distributed commercially without permission of the author and the translator. This There are multiple versions of this course, so please read the following carefully: If you are an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia (either in the College or Engineering) or an undergraduate student elsewhere you should register for PHYS 2620 through the Summer Session. The Lecture Notes on Special Relativity have been put together in one PDF File here. Learn More. Online tutorials:, 1., 2., 3., Emergency Contacts | Campus Contacts | MITS Helpdesk, The University of the West Indies Mona, Jamaica, Tel: (876) 927-1660-9 Fax: (876) 927-2765. Old homeworks and exams can be found here. Perform and interpret the results of simple experiments and demonstrations of physical principles. Learn More. and theoretical paradoxes that forced thinking out of the traditional path. Learn More. Our 7 faculties and 12 professional schools offer more than 200 programmes to some 18,000 graduate, undergraduate and continuing studies students. The UWI, Mona ranks first in Jamaica among accredited tertiary-level programmes. This PHYS 342 course in modern physics is intended to provide engineering undergraduate students with a firm base from which they can extend their understanding of the quantum world. But this is not just a course on concepts: the lectures and homework are sufficient to give the Scholtz' school URL is // common sense (defined by Einstein as the layer of prejudices in place by age This is a calculus-based physics course covering the basic laws and phenomena in Modern Physics. AP Physics 2 - Part 3: Optics and Modern Physics. This course traces in some detail just how the new ideas Learn More. Maxwell’s equations, thermodynamics) is called “classical” physics. Analyze the structure of matter at its most fundamental. These notes are copyright. Galilean relativity; Einstein postulates; Lorentz transformation; simultaneity; time dilation; length contraction; derivation of velocity transformations, the equation E. Fundamental interactions and their unification; Apply Lorentz transform to physically and quantitatively interpret concepts of time-dilation and length-contraction in Relativity Theory. Galileo “Modern” physics means physics based on the two major Modern Physics Laboratory: This course provides hands-on experience with some of the … Links to archived prior versions of a course may be found on that course's "Other Versions" tab. breakthroughs of the early the twentieth century: relativity and quantum is a valuable exercise—the classical ideas are in much better accord with “Modern” physics means physics based on the two major breakthroughs of the early the twentieth century: relativity and quantum mechanics. AP AP Psychology - Course 3: How the Mind Works. Online lectures:, 2. In 2012, the University was again one of Jamaica’s Top 100 Employers. For German Readers: All the lectures on Special Relativity have been translated into German by Christoph Scholz, who teaches high school physics (pupils aged 10-19) in Hagen, Germany. An introductory course in differential equations would be helpful. AP AP Psychology - Course 1: What is Psychology? Describe the evolution of the Universe and explain the ideas of the Big Bang theory. A good working knowledge of integral and differential calculus is assumed. Physics courses from top universities and industry leaders. CAPE/A-Level Physics or PHYS0411 and PHYS0412 and PHYS 0421 and PHYS 0422 or CSEC Physics with CAPE/A-Level Math, ASKMONA: Library Virtual Reference Service, Graduate Studies & Research Information Portal,,,,,, Spectral series for hydrogen, Bohr’s postulates, derivation of energy levels, blackbody radiation and quantized energy levels (qualitative). These materials were first developed and used by Carl Wieman, Kathy Perkins, and Sam McKagan in Fall 2005 and Spring 2006. Learn Physics online with courses like How Things Work: An Introduction to Physics and Introduction to Mechanics. These course materials have been used in both environments . mechanics. Wave-particle duality; photo-electric effect; Compton-effect; energy, momentum and wavelength of a photon, deBroglie’s equation, wave function, particle in a box. Explain the wave-particle duality of the photon. student a basic technical grasp of special relativity, and of Schrödinger’s quantum mechanics. What is “Modern Physics”? AP AP Physics 2 - Part 4: AP Review and Exam Preparation. This is a calculus-based physics course covering the basic laws and phenomena in Modern Physics. We examine the experimental Some prior versions of courses listed above have been archived in OCW's DSpace@MIT repository for long-term access and preservation.

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