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The ABC family comedy series will return with new episodes Wednesday to mark the special day in the family's history, as Alex (Ariel Winter) graduates from college. That's why we chose our secret warrior signal. Link Copied "Smart" girl Alex gets a lesson from her not-so-dumb-after-all sister, Haley. In this photo she looks like she hasn't brushed her hair or had a good night sleep in a while. The main event was Alex’s middle school graduation, a milestone that sent the whole family into a tizzy – especially Claire and Phil. Haley prevented her from delivering a brutally honest speech, starting Alex’s trip to high school on a high note. 10 funny mockumentaries to remind us about the absurdity of life, Family-friendly Halloween films for boos big and small. )” –Cam to Mitchell, “Remember when you used to hold Alex like that, and you wanted to eat her face?” –Phil to Claire while she was holding Jay’s French bulldog puppy, a.k.a. According to Entertainment Tonight, Season 7 of Modern Family recently came to an end and Ariel Winter faced an exciting personal milestone: graduating high school. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Parents just don’t understand… and neither do kids or spouses in this hit ensemble comedy, Credit: (Literally, because you’re not coming home with me. Alex's graduation from middle school sends Claire and Phil spiraling downhill (literally and figuratively), and Jay gets the Botox bug... Tonight’s episode, titled “See You Next Fall” — get it? It will be interesting to see where the family goes after the last two episodes this season, especially given the fact the next season will be the show's last. We have seen Alex grow up in the last 10 seasons of the show, and we can't wait to see who the character will become as a working professional. However, in the end, it was Phil who ultimately freaked out, as he realized that he was losing his kids too. Or was it his fabulous Panama Jack-inspired graduation outfit? The family will also be giving their support to Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Jay (Ed O'Neill) as they take part in the high school's big ceremony. What did Cam do? How much do you love the dynamic between Luke and Manny? She's unlike her siblings in that she's incredibly intelligent with a bright future ahead of her. Claire and Phil have a lot to be proud of as they watch Alex get her college diploma. The end of Titanic.” –Phil, relentlessly trying to get Claire to crumple over Alex, “Like the lady juice for the wrinkles?” –Gloria, in response to Jay telling her he got Botox, “You look like a Botox jock gone horribly wrong…. The main event was Alex’s middle school graduation, a milestone that sent the whole family into a tizzy – especially Claire and Phil. “It’s happening, people, our hubris will be our undoing.” –Phil, after hearing that a robot had turned on Alex’s classmate (who just happened to be her competitor for class valedictorian), “Otherwise, what happens in Vegas won’t happen to me, because I won’t be there.” –Phil, “‘Guys, I can’t go to Vegas because my wife’s freaking out!’ Trust me, that is not a phone call that you want to make to a bunch of ex–college male cheerleaders. Alex will also have the support of her loving siblings, Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Luke (Nolan Gould), who might actually have some sound advice for their sister. In fact, Alex Dunphy was the promotion major at his college, even speaking to his class at their graduation ceremony. Hey, everyone likes to get this party started! Now, on to the best lines of the evening (I went a little crazy). It appears as though Cam might be listing the graduates name at record time, as students swoosh — and even run — past him. The best part of Jay’s Botox treatment was Gloria’s flabbergasted response: “Like the lady juice for the wrinkles?” To which Jay quickly shot back that men make up 10 percent of the Botox-seeking demographic. He wound up exclaiming, “I don’t want to go to Vegas anymore—I just want to hug them and embarrass ’em in front of their friends.” The graduation scene ended with a touching but amusing three-way bear hug between Claire, Phil, and Haley, after Haley innocently claimed that she was hungry and could go eat with her parents. They used to call me the grand can.” –Phil on his formerly fantastic cheerleading butt, “I don’t want to go to Vegas anymore—I just want to hug them and embarrass ’em in front of their friends.” –Phil, “Whether you’re popular [Gloria nods], a drama geek [Cam nods], or a cheerleader [Phil! ABC. Or when he walked through the glass door, then ripped off the screen? No my God, you didn’t?” –Mitchell realizing that Jay got Botox, “Do you think he got his butt done, too? Whether it was Cam falling into the baby pool or walking into the glass door (then through the screen door), or Phil cheerlead-throwing Claire over Jay’s gate, then trying to ride a tandem bike with her to Alex’s graduation, and then finally tumbling down the hill with her — props to Julie Bowen (Claire), who looked like she was really falling and potentially hurting herself – they did it with gusto, and got hilarious results. the cutest puppy ever, “You know what’s really sad? My first suggestion was to blow a Viking horn. Where to begin? Alex is the middle child in the Dunphy clan on Modern Family. And he was determined to make that moment happen before his trip to Vegas with his ex-cheerleading buddies (who wouldn’t kill to see an episode with Phil in Vegas? Luckily Claire and Phil seem to be encouraging her not to make whatever reckless decision she is possibly making. HIGH ist der Mobilfunk-Provider für alle, die es einfach mögen! Cam is finally getting a chance to shine when he is asked to preside over the high school graduation ceremony at the last minute, while Jay gives the commencement address. May 19, 2011 . She is known for her role as Alex Dunphy in the comedy series Modern Family, as well as the voice of the title character in the Disney Junior show Sofia the First and the voice of Penny Peterson in the 2014 animated film Mr. Peabody and Sherman. It's Graduation Day on Modern Family, and three members of the Pritchett-Dunphy clan will have reasons to celebrate. Hence Phil spent the entire graduation day trying to get his wife to crack by saying things like “Remember when you used to hold Alex like that, and you wanted to eat her face?” while she was cradling Jay’s adorable French bulldog puppy. Well, that’s what resonated with Alex anyway. Modern Family has been renewed for a final season, airing in the 2019-2020 television season. As the family gathers to celebrate Alex's big day, fans are still wondering when Haley and Dylan (Reid Ewing) will be welcoming the new members of the family. - May 1, 2019 04:38 pm EDT. Elsewhere, the family thought that Jay was having a stroke (especially Manny), when in fact he just wanted to look the age he felt and try a little Botox on for size. Haley wisely told Alex not to go with her original commencement speech, which would alienate her from her entire class (and turn her into a “social piranha”), and she paid her smarter, dorkier sister the highest compliment: She thought she was pretty. Phew, that was a lot of funny quotes. The 18-year-old actress has attended Campbell Hall School, a private high school in Studio City, California whilst playing the role of Alex Dunphy in Modern Family. With Ed O'Neill, Sofía Vergara, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell. Which moment of the night was his funniest? Jay picks up the pieces after Manny's father takes him out to celebrate graduation; the family … Ariel Winter Workman (born October 12, 1998) is an American actress, voice actress, model and occasional singer. It looks fantastic.” –Phil, who apparently has a thing for butts, “If you do this, you’ll be a social piranha.” –Haley on Alex’s speech, “Yes, I’ll be an Amazonian, carnivorous fish.” –Alex’s response, “What’s the plan, MacGayver?” –Jay to Cam when he thinks he can fix the mechanical gate, “I’m not giving you that much to work with. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Campbell Hall School is well known for its alumni of various famous actors and actresses including Elizabeth Olsen … Du kannst deine Nummer mitnehmen oder aus einem großen Pool deine Wunschrufnummer auswählen. Cam finally gets a chance to shine when he is asked to preside over the high school graduation ceremony at the last minute; Jay gives the commencement address; Claire runs into her former high school rival who brings out the worst in her. There is nothing like the moment a high school graduate crosses the stage to receive their hard-earned diploma... but this seems too quick to savor the experience.

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