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The previous record was an 8.52-pound fish caught in the Hardy Dam Pond in Newaygo County in 2015, according to the DNR. Premier Angler is a freshwater fishing resource and brand written, edited, curated, and crafted by fishing enthusiasts for fishing enthusiasts. Four states – Arizona, California, Idaho and Illinois – have produced state records between 3-1/2 and 4 pounds. Every Michigan State Fishing Record. For that reason, bluegill fishing holds a special place in my heart and nothing beats a frying pan filled with these tasty little fillets. Meredith Spelbring is a news intern with the Detroit Free Press. Share . Bluegills are widely regarded as excellent table fare, for their hard fight on light tackle, and as an important baitfish for largemouth bass in many water bodies. Welcome to the official Michigan.gov web site. Reach her at mspelbring@freepress.com or on Twitter @mere0415. 7,487. Both record-breaking fish were verified by the Department of Natural Resources, according to the release. The previous record for the fish was a 32-pound bigmouth buffalo caught on the Shiawassee River in Saginaw County last year. Real world tips and information about all things fishing. Ice Fishing with Warm Hands: 11 Tips to Beat the Freeze, Can You Use Worms for Ice Fishing (Crawlers and Wigglers), Do You Need A License To Go Ice Fishing: The Info You Need, Why Are Ice Fishing Rods So Short: Mystery Solved, Can a Tesla Tow a Boat: Here’s What You Need to Know, Winter Surf Fishing: Places to Go and Species to Target, Can You Fly Fish With a Regular Fishing Rod, 7 Portable Fishing Boats That Fit In Your Truck Bed, Rancho Murieta Reservoir, Sacramento County, Co-record holders: Arnold Harmon and Clifford Snyder, Co-record holders: Brad Pendergrass and Thelma Grissom, Co-record holders: Mark Allen Lewis and Dennis Criss. Skip Navigation DNR Home | Contact DNR | Michigan.gov Master Angler Entries & State Records. Bluegill are the one of the most accessible, popular, and best tasting … Two Michigan fishermen caught state record-breaking fish. To qualify as a record-breaking fish, it must exceed the prior state-record weight and be verified by the department. As avid anglers, Joshua and Kendle spend their days exploring the waters of the Pacific Northwest and aim to teach others the joy of fishing. The full list of record-breaking fish can be found at Michigan.gov/StateRecordFish. ATLANTIC SALMON 32.62 41 1981 Trolling Lucky Lure Lake Michigan Mason BIGMOUTH BUFFALO 33.00 36.25 2020 Bowfishing Arrow Lake Erie Monroe BLACK BUFFALO 46.54 38.5 2018 Bowfishing Arrow Grand River Ottawa BLACK BULLHEAD 3.44 17 1999 Spincasting Plastic Zoom Lizard Magician Lake Cass BLACK CRAPPIE 4.12 1947 Lincoln Lake Kent BLUEGILL 2.75 13.75 1983 Baitcasting … Instructions are provided within the Accessibility Policy. © 2020 www.freep.com. Choose your selection criteria, and press Search. Owen Seay of Big Rapids caught the 9-pound, 15-ounce quillback carpsucker in the … This site uses adaptive technology. Dang it, I came here to say this. Records are only recognized by weight, not length. Catch any of the fish on the list and you’ll need a bigger frying pan! Continue this thread level 1. FishingDuo.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. By Premier Angler Staff Last updated Jan 14, 2020. While not on the same scale as lake trout and walleye, plenty of lakes hold bluegill pushing the one pound mark. All rights reserved. Owen Seay of Big Rapids caught the 9-pound, 15-ounce quillback carpsucker in the Muskegon River in Mecosta County on April 28, according to a release from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Some links on this page may direct you to the company's website. Search by Category, Angler, Location, Species and/or Year. Two Michigan fishermen caught state record-breaking fish. 2 potential coronavirus vaccines put on fast-track by FDA could be made in Kalamazoo, Police: Mask confrontation leads to stabbing, suspect fatally shot by Eaton County deputy. 4 months ago. And two besides Alabama have records exceeding 4 pounds. Like many anglers in America, the very first fish I ever caught was a bluegill. We also participate in the Bass Pro Shops Affiliate program. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. A 33-pound bigmouth buffalo measuring more than 3 feet long was caught by Garrett Rice of Athens on Lake Erie May 25. If you want to see the potential your state has for bluegill fishing, take a look at our list  of the current record-sized bluegill for all 50 states. For many Michigan residents, the outdoors became the perfect place to social distance — some even broke a few records. You might think bluegill fishing is a kid’s sport but plenty of adult anglers know that these panfish can grow to monstrous proportions, relatively speaking. That current state record bluegill, caught by Tom Shorter in 1987, is a single-minnow heavier on the scales, weighing in at 2-6.4. If you want to see the potential your state has for bluegill fishing, take a look at … Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy.

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