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All subtitles are in English unless otherwise noted. Just like I told you, it won't happen again. She can't concentrate on her work anymore. Yes, I do not know this man, you're right. -Okay, dude, I'm coming. And he's not even a child, but a grown man. See you later. Yes, let's order pizza. Create your website today. What? Enough! I mean, how long did you guys know each other before you got married? This is not good at all. Don't enter the house tonight. But it still hurts of course, you're right. I had bought that gun for our protection. I am on your side. I only rode the telefree, but I'm not afraid anymore. Title: Medcezir 23.Bölüm. Of course she won’t stand up and leave. See more of Medcezir English Subtitles on Facebook. the guy who is supposed to be her boyfriend. Your language. That's impossible. I'm going to sleep because my eyes are sleepy. We would have lots of fun. I don't think Orkun has any hope left regarding me. As you understand aunt, my life from now on is even harder. Err…Last night the letter fell and while I was picking it up…. The baby will have your beauty and kindness. Mert will try to pick up a girl with his enormous charisma right now. if it is on Valentines, people will ask questions. - My mom, Aylin.- Nice to meet you. Girl, I missed you so much what can I do? I don't know. No, no there is something else. This will be a unique restaurant in Izmir such class. So I spread clues like this throughout the whole house and the last one leads him to the bedroom. You walked back?! -Okay, you're writing? Yes, but now we're shareholders in the same company. When we school ended, we got married. Yes, for families. I didn’t do anything. Oh wait, I think she's here Eylul. Is that why you and Reyhan always meet like this? Her mother is calling everyone. We just want to be together. These two have been complimenting each other for the past three days. What are we doing now? Are you going to a party on Valentines Day together, like this? I will get mad. I'll tell you from now, I love this baby already. Your movie. I came as soon as I heard the news. -Mira is with her dad. But, dad... - I also think you are going too fast. You do get sick of this Valentines Day stuff. From now on stay away from me and my family. I spoke to Eda, she's at the club. I put his gift there. Mira, Yaman'ın kabuğuna çekilmesine izin vermez.. Yaman, yine de annesinin gidişinin altındaki gerçek sebebin de peşini bırakmayacaktır. I swear what we're doing is absurdity, he'll catch us this is a crime completely. Apparently a vacation can be pretty fun with your friends. He's nowhere to be found. 17:11. Why did she leave? And our target is giving them what they expect. Yes, yes, the court is finished. When I went to the club, I heard they are opening a new place there. This girl is sitting in my seat and won't leave. Have you lost your mind? When this stupid Valentines Day stuff is over, I'll answer. And please don't intrusive your father in our problems again. -Come on. I have some flowers here for mr. Faruk. Ender has really been anxious the last few days. Please Hale, I do not approve of this. How come you decided to get married in three days? I hate more than that annoying Selim Serez. Okay, uncle Selim, he is a little old, but not that much. Are you feeling okay? Your father came to the office today asking why I was cheating on his daughter. They're going to Izmir with Yaman. She was with him for the past 3 days. Oh my god, I can't even stand the original. It will pass if you pretend like you don't care. Is there something like that? Let him have a straight life, a good future. There's nothing to worry about. Let’s not play the longing state -What happened? Right, Aylin? Public Figure. What does that mean? it's my duty as a father to ask you this. Bade. Burak, you are responsible for all of this. Giray, what does that have to do with it? -We'll find out. There is no women I can love more than you. Okay, okay. Search. At first you think you can, but it just doesn't work. What's up? I was so worried about you. Let's find out what happened. Actually we were expecting this to happen. After that I couldn’t contact her anymore. The days after the lawsuit were terrible. Did you see how mad she is? Hopefully he won’t make any mistake again and end up here. I have good news. Welcome! Dude, just shut up. First waiting, than security, than I don't know what.. And we're free from school, so I think I'm also going. If you talk a little more, I am going to think Gamze told you all these things. She is right. But this is my decision, we are getting married. Why don't you give Yaman a few days off? The only thing missing is a new Star Wars movie. Okay, okay! What are the laws? - Come on Beren, get up. The divorce didn't influence her even a little. I'm normally not into this kind of flirting, but we all saw that I am good at it. Thiis place is amazing and funny but my mind is busy with you. And the nonsense that's going on in your mind? Excuse me, but I think you are the ones that can't leave me. It's really nice you got out of jail. The bus was supposed to be here an hour ago. Should I come with you? Tv Serie, Movie or IMDB ID Search. They are both still young. I am with you today, I can't forget you even for a moment. Alright, alright, I'm not saying anything anymore. What happened? What did you say to her that made her runaway? Don't sleep before you turn of the warner. Haven't you called her? - No, no. You are in a place inside me where no one can reach you. Aile Yaman'ı çok sıcak karşılar. Okay Mira, I'm hanging up. It would have been good for the both of us, if we had continued our friendship. If you really want something to happen, there's always a problem. I'm sorry, but he has to start on Monday. -Actually, are you ok? My butterfly and I were planning on talking about them behind their backs. I didn't know what to do because of all the trouble Yaman and his mother made. What are we supposed to do? Don't let your devil say anything, please. She wanted to be far away from me and this way she wouldn't have to look for a new job. And we still have an incomplete romantic dinner. You have to demonstrate it too. Because it wouldn't be nice if everyone talked about... Orkun's responsibility concerning Hale is big. But can I get a day off on Thursday? Wow, you guys are really doing okay, huh? Okay mom, let’s talk at home. If you don't get angry, I have a question. It can’t be with words only, brother. Why aren't you saying anything? We used to tell each other everything. Thank god, they're gone both. Good evening sir. I'm waiting for you at home. Man are you a maniac? Stay away from Yaman, I'm not asking for anything else. Never doubt my feelings for you, my love. - No, but he was leaving anyway. -What happened dear, why are you crying? I'm really sorry again. She's hiding something from me. - I don't know, I'm so worried. I hope they will understand what kind of person you are. And just because this guy is married to you. That's what we are celebrating. Do whatever you want. This gift is actually important for the both of us. Come on Mira. website builder. After all, all loves end one day. I tried to find him so we could divorce, but unfortunately... Then he called from Las Vegas and asked for money.

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