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Protection from intense afternoon sun is beneficial. Roots should be kept cool, shaded and uniformly moist. Wallside and trellises. This vine grows best in a fertile, well-drained, alkaline soil. Suggested uses. Clematis The President Clematis (Queen of the Vines) are the most popular of all hardy climbing vines, growing up to 15 feet tall given the proper support upon which to climb (trellis, wall, fence, arbor). The Clematis performs best when sufficient moisture is […] 'The President' is pruned as Group 2. Die meisten sind noch spärlich, manche haben kaum geblüht (Fruhjahrsschnittgruppe, kann ja noch kommen nächstes Jahr), aber The President ist schon dieses Jahr sehr stark gewachsen, hat mehrfach im Jahr viele schöne Blüten gezeigt und besitzt nicht ein trockenes Blatt. Cultivation. Clematis The President (Clematis x jackmani) bears large deep blue to violet purple flowers. A thick root mulch is appreciated. Do not allow soils to dry out. The ‘President’ has 5-6″ rich, purple-blue flowers, vigorous. The President is … Makes and excellent cut flower. They are fast growing and produce an exceptional amount of blooms. Plant in fertile, well-drained, preferably chalky soil in full sun or partial shade. Root areas may be shaded with perennials, annuals or small shrubs. Cutting hard back in the spring can delay the first flowering. Clematis Growing and Maintenance Tips. Clematis vines need a trellis or other support on which to grow. A very … It produces 6 to 8 inch rich purple-blue flowers that appear from late spring through late summer with a brief break in midsummer. Faded flowers can be cut away in autumn. Large flowering bi-colours, reds and blues, may fade quickly if planted in direct sun. Clematis The President Colour of the flowers: Rich deep purply-blue Flower seize: 18 cm (7 inches) Height: 2,5 - 3 meter (8 - 10 feet) Flowering Period(s): May - June and September Clematis grow best in a rich, moist to average, well-drained soil, in full sun. Ich habe einen gesetzen Gitterzaun vorletztes Jahr im Oktober mit etlichen Clematis verschönert. The President is a Group 2 type for pruning. Clematis The President is offered in a full gallon size with free shipping! A choice site is key to the success of establishing this perennial; roots should be kept cool and moist. See pruning instructions below. Plant the top of the root ball 8cm below the soil surface. Clematis 'The President' belongs to pruning group 2: Pruning is not normally necessary, only cut away dead and damaged wood. Pruning clematis 'The President' Clematis 'The President' is both early and late flowering with large flowers. This is a hardy, compact and free-flowering variety of Clematis. Clematis are charming usually deciduous climbers that are fast growing and once established, will … It's an AGM winner! Clematis 'The President' (Clematis 'The President' ) will reach a height of 3m and a spread of 1m after 2-5 Years. CLEMATIS THE PRESIDENT 100mm Pot.

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