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Repository: Name: n/a Note: Page: Tree #3955 Quality: 3 Text: Date of Import: Sep 14, 1997 Abbrev: Testerman, Cynthia Title: "Testerman," supplied by Testerman, 27-11-2005. Mother of John Robinson; Elizabeth Robinson; Frances Sweny; Mary Weaver; Starkey Robinson and 5 others; Sarah Robinson; Anthony Robinson; Samuel Edward Robinson; Permelia Mary Dillon and John Anthony Robinson « less 1 Author: Brøderbund Software, Inc. MARY ELIZABETH7 ROBINSON (ALFRED6, SAMUEL5, DANIEL4, DAVID3, DAVID2, THOMAS1) was born 06 Oct 1835 in Delhi, New York. Mary Clementine Robinson family tree Repository: Name: n/a Note: Page: Tree #3955 Text: Date of Import: Sep 14, 1997, Children: Anthony Robinson Jr. birth: 23 October 1697 death: 17 March 1756, Sarah Robinson birth: 17 August 1696 death: 2 September 1696, Starkey Robinson birth: 10 December 1691 death: 30 November 1695, Frances Robinson birth: 5 January 1689 death: 7 June 1736, Elizabeth Robinson birth: 14 December 1687 death: 16 September 1712, John Robinson birth: 25 August 1685 death: 7 April 1737. Daughter of Thomas Leonard and Sarah Leonard Abbrev: World Family Tree Vol. Author: compiled by Cynthia Testerman [(E-ADDRESS) FOR PRIVATE USE\ ,] Repository: Name: n/a Note: UCLA Research Library Abbrev: Lane and Johnston Families Title: Lane and Johnston Families Author: Cynthia Testerman, Carole Lane Publication: unpublished,1988-2005, Maryland Note: This is a family genealogy researched by a mother and daugh ter team. Citation details: Durham Bishops Transcripts 1639 - 1919 Text: This has become almost a one name study and will probably be extended to include more as I find confirmed links. 4, Ed. She married WESLEY SLUSSER, son of MORTIMER SLUSSER and EMMALINE. Mary had 8 siblings: Ruth Arminda Wilson, Eliza Robinson, Esther Robinson, Eli C. Robinson, James Phinnas Robinson, William Miles Robinson, Nancy Jane Wilson and Sarah Elizabeth R Moseley. Oct 14 1668 - Charles Parish, York, Virginia Colony, Jan 31 1698 - Christ Church of Charles Parish, York, Virginia, United States, Peter Starkey, Bridget Starkey (born Christmas), ...on, Frances Sweny (born Robinson), Starkey Robinson, Moncure Robinson, Mary Weaver (born Robinson), Sarah Robinson, and, William Starkey, unknown, Anne Hughes (born Starkey), Alice Street (born Starkey), Peter Jr Starkey, Christmas Starkey, Jan 31 1698 - Charles Church of Charles Parish, York, Virginia, United States, Starkey Robinson, John Robinson, Samuel Edward Robinson, Anthony Robinson, Frances Sweny (born Robinson), Peter Jr Starkey, Christmas Starkey, Mary Jane Robinson (born Starkey), Oct 14 1668 - Charles Parish, York, Virginia, Jan 31 1698 - Charles Parish, York, Virginia, Anthony Robinson, Elizabeth Robinson, Frances Robinson, John Robinson, Mary Weaver, Sarah Robinson, Starkey Robinson, Oct 14 1668 - Charles Parish, York County, Virginia, Oct 14 1668 - York County, Virginia colony, Jan 31 1698 - York County, Virginia colony, Peter Starkey, Christimas Starkey, Ann Starkey, Unknown Starkey. 4, Ed. Child of MARY ROBINSON and WESLEY SLUSSER is: 64. i. Mary Robinson's current partners: Mary Robinson's husband was Thomas Robinson. Please join us in collaborating on ROBINSON family trees. He was born Abt. Compare DNA and explore genealogy for Mary Robinson born 1754 Dudley, Worcester, Massachusetts Bay died 1820 Chenango, New York, United States including ancestors + DNA connections + more in the free family tree community. Mary married Nathan Keller on October 26 1843, at age 18 in Jackson county, Indiana. Publication: Release date: August 23, 1996 Note: Customer pedigree. Wife of Josiah Robinson Publication: Release date: August 23, 1996 Note: Customer pedigree. January 31, 1698 (29) Charles Parish, York County, Virginia. Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and full names.

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