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If that’s you, then the mandolin might be the instrument for you to pursue. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn. Finding a mandolin teacher can be quite difficult, however, guitar trainers are almost everywhere. Hence guitars are best for first-time players. On the other hand, the mandolin might be a better choice for you if many of the following are true: If you think this sounds like you, this mandolin could be a good starter instrument for you. You’re OK figuring out some things on your own as there aren’t as many learning resources for the mandolin. On the other hand, the mandolin string pairs are slightly harder to pick with the right hand than the guitar. Guitars are typically tuned in forths, whereas a madonlin is tuned in fifths. Though 12-string guitars and mandolins both have strings tuned in pairs, the other differences between the instruments listed in this article still apply. The good thing with mandolins strings is that they are thinner just close to one guitar string, and also their nearness to each other makes them feel like one. Unlike in guitars, you translate the shapes of mandolin chords because they work out differently, yet you only have four strings to manipulate. Guitars are the most versatile stringed instrument that can play so many genres and styles of music, especially the modern-day jazz, blues country, and others. In short, the guitar is probably a better instrument choice for you if many of the following are true: If this is you, check out my buyer’s guide to acoustic guitars here. Guitars have six strings and each string is tuned to a different note. For guitars there are six single strings, the theory goes, the more the number of strings, the harder to play the instrument. Mandolins are not guitars, nor do they come from the same musical family. Mandolins are harder to play because a player needs to get used to double string which is not easy to manage. Here is a quick video if you’re in a hurry. Replacement of the strings requires a proper balancing of the bridge else tat will corrupt the sound of your mandolin. Your hands are large enough that you’re concerned you won’t be able to effectively play within the small frets of the mandolin. However, I wouldn’t recommend spending anything less than this amount on an entry level mandolin. The fret board of the mandolin is smaller than the fret board of the guitar so it is easier for those with smaller hands and can be more … This makes beginners feel the fingers kind of hurting until, and to make the matte worse, strings are also thin, so imagine the pressure on the fingertips. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. If not, the guitar might be the better instrument for you to pursue. But do not let its size be the reason you underestimate this instrument. On most guitars, the bridge is fixed or immovable. Taking your guitar to a repair shop and having them lower the action (reducing the distance between the strings and the neck). In my experience, I’ve found fewer learning resources available for the mandolin than for the guitar. The mandolin is relatively smaller than a guitar. So a beginner with interest to play unlimited styles, the guitar is the best option and even to start learning first. Mandolins are not even half as popular as guitars; this makes them expensive, and worst if your instrument develops a technical problem, it’s hard to find a handyman to repair the faulty tool. To sum up, the guitar is the easier first choice for beginners. When you remove the strings on a mandolin, the bridge can move or fall down. Best Mandolin For Irish Music (Buying Guide & Reviews). So after much deliberation, I sold my mandolin, purchased the goldtone mando-guitar, and have never once regretted the decision. Tuning of a standard guitar expresses the pitches of string as E, A, D, G, and E. While we assume to play several styles of music with mandolin, they were is primarily designed for playing bluegrass, and classical, Irish music. Unfortunately, the opposite is true for mandolins. A mandolin is much smaller with a small body and a short neck. From thinner strings to the smaller neck, the mandolin is also easier to wrap the whole hand around the neck, and it’s hard to do the same to a guitar. Of course, at the same time, they’re still a … You want to be able to learn from an abundance of learning resources. The growth of guitars’ popularity from 16th to replacing lutes in the 18th century did not end there until the 20th century and guitars became a common household name. Both bass or standard guitars are larger than a mandolin virtually in every way. Guitar is probably easier to play than the mandolin. This gives a mandolin player fewer genres of music to learn. A guitar is much larger than a mandolin, with a large body and a long neck. But, for people that want to play a mandolin vs. guitar, we have all of the information you need to know. Your email address will not be published. You travel frequently, you want to bring an instrument with you, and you appreciate the compactness of the mandolin and how well it travels. If you still can’t decide between the guitar and the mandolin, you might consider getting a mando-guitar. Because bridge placement is so important, it’s a little bit more difficult to replace the strings on instruments with floating bridges which can be intimidating for beginners. Required fields are marked *. A mandolin is much smaller, (often) rounder, and you’ll typically see them a lot less frequently. I think the mechanics of playing the mandolin may be slightly easier than the mechanics of playing the guitar (but not as easy as the ukulele). Mandolin vs. Ukulele: Differences & Which One Is For You? One of the first things I wanted to know when I started playing the mandolin was how exactly these instruments differed. One great aspect of learning the guitar is that, because it’s so popular, you can purchase a fantastic beginner guitar for not that much money. This isn’t the only downside to the mandolin due to its lesser popularity than guitar. Thus, mandolins are usually more expensive than guitars of similar quality. I started playing the mandolin 4 years after I started learning the guitar (and I’ve played both instruments for over a decade). The bridge is the part of a stringed instrument that supports the strings and holds them above the neck of the instrument. Mandolins are not guitars. This makes the mandolin and other smaller instruments appealing to many for a variety of reasons. If you are a beginner who wants to venture into the art of playing either or both mandolin and guitars, you should first get out of common misconception about them. ), Types Of Mandolins (Guide To Understanding Mandolins!). You love the tonal range of the mandolin and are interested in bluegrass, country, folk, and other genres that incorporate the mandolin. Mandolins have floating bridges, such that when you want to replace the string, the bridge must fall because it is suspended. Mandolins are actually tuned the same way a violin is tuned (except that mandolins have 4 pairs of strings and violins have 4 single strings). For children or those with smaller hands, a smaller fret board like a mandolin’s make playing the instrument generally easier. We’ll discuss these differences and which instrument is best for you to learn in light of these differences in the following sections. The frets are much closer together on a mandolin … The guitar is still easier to play than a mandolin based on their size differences. One of the most apparent differences between guitars and mandolins is that full-size guitars are typically much larger than mandolins. Guitars are tuned differently from a mandolin.

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