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“But I never really knew anything different [from this].”, In some ways, her age acted to her advantage. TikTok - trends start here. "Is this what you want?!" ##aryastark ##gameofthrones ##lookalike ##photography. “When the borders opened, we decided to come and quarantine here for a while because we love it here, and because none of us has jobs,” Williams jests. Join Facebook to connect with Maisie Tok and others you may know. “It makes me feel like I’m back in my own life.”, At the end of our virtual encounter, it no longer feels like I am interviewing a celebrity, but an artist on the cusp of something big, and a curious being who, despite her maturity, carries the hopefulness of a child. "But I can't really do anything about it and people will keep commenting. , /8 September 2020. Now at 22 years old, Williams is an Emmy-nominated actress, entrepreneur and activist. As a teenager, Williams found herself having to forge her image and develop her identity under intense public scrutiny. As someone who spends most of her working day dressed in someone else’s clothes, something like a watch is extremely important to her. Entertainment & Culture Looking for smart ways to get more from life? "And he was like, 'It's going to blow up, trust me, it's going to blow up,' and I was like, 'Sure, whatever. Who Is Maisie Smith? "I haven't posted as much since I made the video, just because it's a lot of pressure to do something good," she said. She told Insider it's mostly her friends who say she is the spitting image, but plenty of people must agree, because, "I don't want to be like that girl who looks like Arya Stark," she said. And I’ve been observing [them] because I do play teenagers a lot despite being 22,” says the diminutive actress. Remember that Game of Thrones plot line in which Arya learned to wear dead people's faces as a mask, essentially transforming herself into anyone she wanted? Being 22 and already so successful, Williams is well aware of her position and privilege. “It’s so wonderful that I get to share something like the Pasha watch with men and women because I’ve always seen gender as being extremely fluid,” she says, “It’s something I identify with and feel very empowered wearing.”, The latest Pasha de Cartier is a faithful reimagining of the original 1980s timepiece. Shares of FuelCell Energy Inc. soared 33.0% in very active afternoon trading Wednesday, putting them on track to more-than double in four days, despite no news released by the company. Listening to her speak about her life experiences is rather surreal. @lovdal. “Socially, maybe I found it quite hard,” says the actress who spent puberty in castle sets and dodging enemies on horseback. Whether it’s walking down the street or in a cafe. Enter your email that you use to register and we’ll send you an email with a link to reset your password. The day is slowing down to an end, but the bright, clear voice of Maisie Williams rings through the all-black Zoom window, reverberating the midday Parisian energy, and I compose myself. “I’m still trying to look for my peers and people who I identify with,” she says. Lovdal said she … “Putting my watch, my jewellery and my clothes back on at the end of each day centres me again,” she muses. By Registering, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And Williams’s message is loud and clear: In a world where anyone can become instantly famous, talent and hard work will last a lifetime. Lovdal said she immediately messaged all her friends joking that she was going to be famous. The views and opinions expressed within T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore are not necessarily those of The New York Times Company or those of its contributors.". Lovdal has been told by her friends and family that she looks like Maisie Williams, the actor who played Stark on "Game of Thrones," for years. I can‘t get away from this comment! Is this what you want?! Enter a new password for this account. It is clear that a decade of growing inside an enormous production like “Game of Thrones” changed Williams’s perception of life forever. Sign up for free newsletters and get more of T Magazine Singapore delivered to your inbox. “I feel so proud to be associated with them,” says Williams. "I don't want to be like that girl who looks like Arya Stark. "But she wrote something like, 'Oh I wish my eyes were as blue as this girl's eyes.' After all, Williams is a 22-year-old young woman who grew up in the public eye. Afterwards, "everything went crazy," and she now has over 34,000. “These new Pasha ambassadors owe their success to their differences, creativity, connection, multidisciplinary talents and generosity,” says Arnaud Carrez, international marketing and communications director of Cartier International. “It’s different now; I’m not quite so full of myself.”. “I feel very passionately about [having a] voice for the voiceless, like animals, the environment and the living world that we exploit daily,” she says. And then it did blow up.". Chris Williams (@itschriswilliams) on TikTok | 25.5M Likes. I'm just going to post it.' These days, with stay-at-home orders at their peak, Williams has turned to the popular social media platform TikTok for entertainment. Lovdal's TikToks have confused a few people, though. “I just wanted to perform for anyone who would watch me,” she digs at her memory to share about her “showing-off” phase. Entertainment & Culture, Gourmet The Fashion Photographer Who Traded Film for Flour, Watches The Most Talked-About Timepieces at The Upcoming Hong Kong Watch Auction: XI, T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture, The Greats 2020 Tell T a Joke | Kumar, Fashion & Beauty The Designer Whose Maximalist Style Is a Respite From Troubling Times, Fashion & Beauty The Designer Subverting the Gender Binary Through Men's Fashion, Art & Design, Gourmet, Made in Singapore A Singaporean Photographer Who Reimagines Singaporean Cuisine. "Every five minutes I have to be like 'Hey, no I'm not her, I'm from Denmark,'" she said. " But she is concentrating on the opportunity it presents: a platform to give back. Her next phase sees her stepping out from one of the world’s biggest pop culture franchises into the next, as she takes on a new role in the final instalment of the X-Men film series, “The New Mutants”, as the Marvel superhero Rahne Sinclair, or Wolfsbane. "There are a few people who are like, 'Are you working on any new shows?'". Maisie Williams is an English actress and internet entrepreneur. I didn't expect the video to live for this long, so I'm just waiting to see where it ends, or where it stops, or where it takes me. ", My Arya video has over 1M views. Despite running in different circles, each of these individuals represents some of the most powerful voices of their generation. “It is such a huge statement, but I believe that we will.”. Maisie Williams’s confidence and her charm led to her being chosen as an ambassador for Cartier.

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