lutino ringneck price

Dandenong, Victoria. Ringneck Pheasant Feathers . 2020-04-16 To Swop/Te Ruil. Lutino’s are a bright, beautiful yellow with red beaks and a tell-tale ring around its neck. A tamed, healthy adult Green (original color) from a good, sucsessful breeder will cost about $150. These outgoing pets can become great talkers, with a large, clear vocabulary. In fantastic condition, some slight wear but nothing to be concerned about. How much does an Indian ringneck parrot cost? Beautiful hand reared Lacewing ringneck to trade for a breeding pair or finches (Gouldina) Price: R1000 for the bird. Mutuer ringneck birds 1- 0 Lutino 1- 0 Albino 0- 1 Buttercup any color 0- 1 Violet 1- 0 Creaminos. 10 hours ago. Check it out! This Lutino Indian Ringneck parrot (or parakeet) is stunning. Blue indian ringneck baby parrot available, also a . Report Ad. The cost of an Indian ringneck parrot will often depend on the age, gender, the breeder selling it, the species, colors, its health and the geographical location.On average, the cost can range anywhere from $250 to … The cheapest offer starts at £30. All babies Hand raised on vetafarm formula from 2 weeks they loves cuddles & kisses, loves pellerts and fruits the wings not clipped. Price. A tamed, healthy adult Albino Indian-Ringneck from a … I am selling my lutino indian ringneck he is semi tame and loves being out of his cage he is 3 years old and has a lovely nature. £0. Contact: Nikola Babic on 0814855387 E-mail: Ringneck Pheasant Feathers 6/Pkg-Natural Pheasant . check back, we get new birds every week. £5000+ Keywords. Lutino Indian Ringneck Hatch date — February 1, 2019 $725 SOLD 1/13/20. It is 4months old easy to tame very alert very active and very playfully you can make him/her to talk or do tricks needs attention and attraction. Contact: Claude on 060 430 0817 'Squiggles' 6yo Sky blue Indian ringneck parrot Comes with cage and toys Sad sale due to no time Negotiable on price. ... Green colour Indian ringneck £95 Blue colour Indian ringneck £195 Hi we are selling this beautiful Indian ringneck parrot . 2. . Results Per Page Update Search. ... Lutino indian ringneck parrot for sale due my heal . Looked after very well so price of 5.89 is very good. A tamed, healthy adult Lutino Indian-Ringneck from a good, sucsessful breeder will cost about $600. Explore 2 listings for Lutino ringneck for sale at best prices.

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