long stretch bandage

Short-stretch compression bandages have 10–100% extensibility, whereas long-stretch compression bandages have extensibility greater than 100%. Stretch bandages typically are woven or crocheted in cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. Long-stretch bandages should be used for … This means that they usually are soft, comfortable, and lint-free. 7.7 yards stretched. Due to its long stretch properties, the compressive power of this bandage can be easily adjusted. The very soft and supple bandage can be used in the areas of compression, support, immobilization of … Extremely easy to … What You Should Know About Elastic (Long Stretch) Bandages The elastic bandages, as their name implies, have high elasticity and are able to stretch up to several times their length. Long stretch, textured bandage is easy to apply and conforms well to body contours. Ace Bandage alternative. Long-stretch bandages stretch approximately 140% to 300% of their original length. A traditional Ace bandage is an example of a long stretch bandage these aren't ideal compression bandaging for lymphedema or edema. Use as compression bandage, to support injured muscles, and to stabilize short-stretch bandages. A stretch bandage is used for for a long cut or an abrasion that is too large to be covered with Band-aids® or other pre-packaged bandages.

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