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Plant database entry for Clematis Rebecca™ with 33 images, one comment, and 35 data details. These early-flowering clematis burst into bloom in winter and spring on the previous year’s growth. REBECCA™ will bloom from May through June and again in August and is a free-flowering clematis. UK grown climbers from a specialist nursery so you can be assured of quality and value. Momenteel hebben we zo'n 12000 tuinvrienden die hieraan deelnemen. How to grow Group 1 clematis. Clematis Groups Armandii Atragene Cirrhosa Diversifolia Evergreen Flammula Florida Forsteri Heracleifolia. (Clematis) REBECCA™ Clematis has a dramatic, intense color that will showcase a spectacular display in your garden. Integrifolia Montana Tangutica Texensis / Viorna Viticella Early Large Flowered Late Large Flowered Individual / Species. Thriving both in a hot Mediterranean climate and in the coolness of Northern Europe, these clematis … This group doesn’t need pruning, but you can remove old or damaged stems after they have finished flowering, if needs be. The Viticella group of clematis originates from Southern Europe (Italian Clematis) and includes deciduous climbing shrubs regarded as being durable, easy-care, vigorous and free-flowering. I have Rebecca and have found her to be extremely floriferous, and truly red, I grow her with Gillian Blades which is white on my archway, I am not good at training them and usually end up with Clematis bushes..:-) However , I love this clematis, bought and grown in memory of my good friend Rebecca … Named after Raymond Evison's oldest daughter Rebecca and launched at the 2008 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Rebecca has become a favourite of gardeners everywhere in the world.A plant that is happy either growing in a garden location or in a container for … This clematis is an Evison/Poulsen cultivar with large, scarlet-red flowers and creamy yellow anthers. Onze tuinbabbel is een plaats waar je ideeën, foto's, gebeurtenissen met andere tuinvrienden kan delen. Group 1 clematis. Rebecca™ Evipo016. * Long Flowering season, repeat flowering. Group 1 clematis to grow * Can also be used in larger container/obelisk designs. An incredible collection of clematis spanning all colours, species and flowering groups. * Ideal for gardens, covering wall mounted supports, archways, trellis or pergolas. Quick Selection ... Clematis REBECCA™ 'Evipo016'

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