lincoln sheep color

Lincoln sheep are large, deep bodied, and sturdy. The Lincoln sheep are large sized animals with deep body. The fleece is either white or colored. They may be completely white or colored, including shades of black, charcoal, gray … The Lincoln sheep breed came to America sometime in the 1800’s and the National Lincoln Sheep Breeders Association was started in 1891 with a membership of 150 by 1991, of which one third of the members were Canadian. Lincolns may be white or colored, including shades of gray, silver, charcoal, and black. Though hardy, Lincolns require good nutrition to perform well. The Lincoln fleece yields a strong, long, lustrous, wide lock with bold crimp. Rams weigh 225-300 pounds, and ewes average 210 pounds. They are probably the world’s largest breed of sheep. The Lincoln Longwool is an impressive, multipurpose, heavily built, rugged, large volume, adaptable sheep with a calm and gentle disposition. The colored fleece tends to be shaded in color with the darkest wool on the shoulders and legs and silver gray to black on the body. Lincoln wool is long and lustrous. The fleece grows about twelve inches per year, and each sheep produces twelve to sixteen pounds of wool. The ideal white and colored Lincoln should have: A broad-based he… The carcass is well-muscled and highly regarded for taste and texture. Color(s): White although there are a few other colors or natural colors.

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