liliana, heretical healer deck

I am making a Liliana, Heretical Healer deck as my secondary commander (possibly my main). There would be a lack of consistency getting her flip ability to trigger, but her planeswalker abilities are quite good. Magic the Gathering Decks; Warhammer Invasion; World of Warcraft . Choose Printing (4 Total) Show Other Side. 12 - 0 Uncommons. Liliana, Heretical Healer Flip is an appreciable commander in her own right and would be good to add as a budget option (vs Liliana of the Veil), or even as a supplementary inclusion to increase your Liliana-related flavor. The main theme of the deck is forcing everyone to discard cards while I have engines that allow me to draw more than I discard. Liliana, Heretical Healer Primer: A Sadistic Guide to Losing your Friends Hi guys, let me introduce you to one of my favorite decks [[Liliana, Heretical Healer]]. As of right now it works well but I want to make it way better. Cards: 100: Avg. Whenever another nontoken creature you control dies, exile Liliana, Heretical Healer, then return her to the battlefield transformed under her owner's control. It only takes 30 seconds to sign up. O w e n B r u n e l l e. Edit Live Edit. 46 - 0 Rares. 5 - 0 Commons. If you love monoblack, control/stax, and graveyard shenanigans, this primer is definitely worth taking a look at. Edit. Rarity (main - side) 13 - 0 Mythic Rares. The other abilities will resolve but won’t do anything. Liliana, Heretical Healer. This deck is Commander / EDH legal. Sign up to add this card to your Inventory, Wishlist or Tradelist, and to start creating decks with it. We also have an excellent trading opportunities finder tool that gets you trading in seconds! If multiple nontoken creatures you control die, then Liliana, Heretical Healer’s ability will trigger that many times. Liliana, Heretical Healer Commander / EDH Aristocrats Mono-Black Reanimator Theme/Gimmick Zombie. If you do, put a 2/2 black Zombie creature token onto the battlefield.----- Liliana, Defiant Necromancer [+2]: Each player discards a card. 6/22/2015 However, since Liliana can be exiled and returned to the battlefield only once, only the first ability to resolve will create a Zombie token.

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