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such a strange feeling to handle and install them again @pamm for my mid-career retrospective. Here, in no particular order, are some of the Latino and Latin American art exhibitions on view or opening during the first six months of the year. @ICAinBOSTON presents works that stem from the project, on view 1/20. The pieces had been in storage for 20 yrs! Luchita Hurtado: I Live I Die I Will Be Reborn. Working primarily in performance art, Rafa Esparza explores the effects of colonialism, the importance of personal narratives and the significance of adobe in his artistic production, among other things. Visit MOLAA En Casa Day of the Dead 2020 Exhibitions Collections Events Education Support About La Tienda / Shop Become A Member Donate The first half of 2020 will reveal a lot about U.S. politics and race relations. Robert Graham: Civic Monuments. Seed/Unseed. Together, their work crafts a much different conversation around Afro-Latino identity and history than the one in mainstream culture. Her photographs capture nature and people in ways that feel surreal, vivid, dreamy and intimate all at once. Click the link in our bio to find our more about our on view exhibitions and to plan your Museum visit! The work of Frida Kahlo continues to impact generations of artists and creatives. It will feature early works as well as a site-specific mural. “What a Real Barbie Looks Like”: @yungtiff’s acrylic on canvas in #AfroSyncretic, curated by @yelaineartspace @latinxprojnyu #TiffanyAlfonseca #LatinXProject, A post shared by Robin Cembalest (@rcembalest) on Nov 18, 2019 at 6:16am PST, Where: KJCC Auditorium NYWhen: Through February 29, 2020Cost: Free. Her works speak to themes of geography, history and identity. – – – #contemporarycubanart #cubanartist #contemporarycubanartist #cubanart #cubanartnews #cubanartists #artecubano #artistacubano #visualartist #contemporaryartist #contemporaryart #art #arttoday #artist, A post shared by Contemporary Cuban Art (@contemporarycubanart) on Dec 1, 2019 at 2:08pm PST, Where: Institute of Contemporary Art, MiamiWhen: May 1 to November 22, 2020Cost: Free. A Brush with HerStory: The Paintings of Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso, will present her paintings of female masters like. It will feature early works as well as a site-specific mural. Accompanying the exhibition A Graphic Revolution: Prints and Drawings in Latin America, Mendieta’s 1981 Ochún video will play in a separate gallery. My first solo show with my gallery @commonwealthandcouncil ‍ Pic by @nataliamantini, A post shared by rafa esparza (@elrafaesparza) on Jan 6, 2020 at 7:48pm PST, Where: Commonwealth and Council, Los AngelesWhen: May 23 to July 3, 2020Cost: Free. The artist has been the recipient of various grants, such as the Rema Hort Mann Foundation Emerging Artist Grant in 2015. The Wanlass Artist in Residence Program is made possible by generous support from the Kathryn Caine Wanlass Charitable Foundation. #art #collegeofdupage #clevecarneygallery #clevecarneyartgallery #chicagoart #glenellyn #fridakahlo2020 #fridakahlo #frida #kahlo, A post shared by Cleve Carney Museum Of Art (@clevecarneymuseumofart) on Dec 6, 2019 at 6:05am PST, Where: Cleve Carney Museum of ArtWhen: June 1 to August 31Cost: Untimed Entry Tickets ($35) and Timed Tickets ($18). This is the first time the Cleveland Museum of Art is highlighting works in these mediums from its collection, particularly those “produced in Latin America over the past century.”, A post shared by @ nvstvrgn on Jan 20, 2020 at 5:12am PST. will exhibit 50 artworks ranging from sculpture to mixed media. Another Cuban exile, a seamstress family friend named Nelly who had a shop in Hialeah sewed all the walls for me. Every Monday until the opening of Vida Americana: Mexican Muralists Remake American Art, 1925–1945, Whitney staff members will share their favorite works by muralists included in the exhibition. Rufino Tamayo ‘Sandia’ color litho 27 x 21” 1969 #rufinotamayo, A post shared by CR Houghton (@crhoughton) on Jan 11, 2020 at 5:05am PST, Where: The Cleveland Museum of ArtWhen: March 14 to August 2, 2020Cost: Free, Featuring around 50 works, A Graphic Revolution: Prints and Drawings in Latin America looks at the ways in which these mediums intersect with social and political themes. The exhibition will feature self-portraits by Kahlo, a series of “rarely seen oil paintings by Rivera” and additional works by artists in the style. This feels especially fraught for people of color, including Central American people — who, as Duke Trinity College of Arts & Sciences explains, “make up the third largest U.S. Latinx group.” The exhibition, Connected Diaspora: U.S. Central American Visuality in the Age of Social Media, includes works in a range of media that consider the positionality of Central Americans in a social media-obsessed era. __ The Wanlass Artist-in-Residence is Oxy Arts’ residency program that allows an artist to investigate aspects of their practice and share it with the College community campus-wide through a fall semester teaching course and a spring semester solo exhibition. The Most Exciting Latino Art & Culture Exhibitions Happening in the First Half of 2020. ), you'll be surprised what you can find at the Museum! Menu. If you’d like to get more involved with Latin American art, consider joining the Latin American Arts Council. Link in bio. The exhibition also features documentation of their artistic process in creating multilayered pieces. Known for his often grotesque artworks, Tomás Esson really kicked off his art career in the 1980s in Havana, Cuba. His, depicted Havana, Ethiopia, Egypt, Biblical stories and more — and it’s the inspiration for, Featuring twenty contemporary artists — including, María Magdalena Campos-Pons , Édouard Duval Carrié, Emilio Adán Martíne, Nina Angela Mercer and more — the exhibition reframes and converses with scholarship about Aponte’s impact and his, The work of Carolina Caycedo invites viewers to think more critically about our impact on the environment — and the powers that often govern both human and natural bodies. Memento: An Anthological Exhibition by Tomás Ochoa. Dance in Tehuantepec by Diego Rivera, one of the most influential Mexican muralists, was chosen by assistant registrar Brenna Cothran. The exhibition looks at this crossover, featuring 200 works by 60 Mexican and U.S. artists. The works featured are on loan from Dolores Olmedo Museum collection, so it’s a great chance to see the pieces if you can’t make it to CDMX.

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