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May 8 Lamy Aion Review: A new fountain pen design that falls short. My (admittedly limited) experience with the high quality of those seriously smooth Lamy Aion nibs, led me to look at the 1.1mm Lamy stubs with a hopeful gleam in my eye. Naturally, I had to go in and see what they had. The Aion is no exception. Fountain Pen. ABOUT. Page 1 of 2 - Review Of Lamy Aion - posted in Fountain Pen Reviews: Greetings everyone, I ordinarily only do video reviews but I thought I would give a shot at writing out my feelings about my favorite pen. I originally intended to write a review immediately after the release. Nib: Newly designed expressive stainless steel nib. The Lamy Aion was sent to me to review here on the blog by Pen Heaven. I have owned my Lamy Aion since Mid August and it is my #1 choice for my EDC. The aion series of fountain pens are fitted with a steel mono colour nib in silver, which although very similar, is a departure from the usual form, as you can see from the comparison image below. Review: Lamy Aion Fountain Pen - Black & Olive Silver @AppelboomLaren Thanks to Appelboom for sending these Lamy Aions for a review! Pen specifics. It exceeded all my expectations. View fullsize. The Lamy Aion was a welcome addition to the Lamy line of fountain pens and the mid-range fountain pen market as a whole. I was really interested in spending some time with them as it's been quite some time since I have used a new Lamy model. Suitable for converter LAMY Z27. Background Designed by British product and furniture designer Jasper Morrison, the Lamy Aion was released globally in September … Lamy Safari with 14k nib on (L); aion (centre); Lamy Pur with steel nib (R) Lamy … Stainless spring-loaded clip with logo embossed on the side. Let me go straight to the conclusion: The Lamy Aion is a superb fountain pen. I simply love it! Cartridge filling system with LAMY T10 ink cartridge, blue. All the thoughts on this fountain pen are entirely my own. This is Lamys new everyday carry pen. Great styling that is just too big and heavy. A quick search online showed me that the easiest place to get hold of the Lamy nibs in the 1.1mm stub that I liked, was going to be one of the big US retailers, so I went with the most excellent Goulet Pens . Nib sizes: EF-extra fine, F-fine, M-medium, B-broad. Review: Lamy Aion. It’s priced at approx £50 and you get a lot of good pen for the money. Theoretically that's a good thing though: the longer I take to write a review, the better I like the product! Fountain Pen Ballpoint Pen. Page 1 of 2 - Review - Lamy Aion - posted in Fountain Pen Reviews: A couple of days ago I traveled through the Frankfurt, Germany airport and noticed a store selling Lamy pens. When you think of innovative pen companies, Lamy does not usually top the list, despite a wide selection of pens produced. Justin Twyford. Disclaimer: Yes, I am a Lamy fan, and I haven't met a Lamy fountain pen I didn't like. I immediately noticed the new Lamy Aion in black satin finish and knew I had to have one. In case of the Lamy aion, that rule certainly applies. Well... in the end it took me a lot longer than expected. LAMY AION FOUNTAIN PEN REVIEW It's finally time to take a look at the Lamy aion. I was able to purchase a Lamy Aion early because I live in Germany.

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