koa vs mahogany

An excellent exotic tone-wood, with unique warmth and tonal depth. Now if it's the Koa wood or how it was built I have no idea but if I could get a tone that sweet in a guitar I would sell the farm to buy it. Big leaf mahogany & African mahogany vs. Koa Source: ITTO ANNUAL REVIEW AND ASSESSMENT OF THE WORLD TIMBER SITUATION 2009 Koa. Additionally, the most desired make of ukulele in Hawai'i is the Kamaka , all made of Koa wood. Quality The distinctive striping of Koa makes it a beautiful tone-wood to look at. Using them as back & sides ONLY. I wouldn't assume the sonic difference between a given chunk of koa and one of mahogany would be any greater than the difference between chunks of mahogany from different trees or regions, especially with a solid body guitar. Koa Ukuleles Spalted Mango UkulelesSpalted Mango Ukuleles 20 OU6LCE / OU5LCE, Suchasrosewood,mahogany, koa,ebonyandspruce–aswell asexoticvarietieswithinthese speciesinlimitedquantities. Manyoftheseinstrumentsinclude * C. F. Martin only utilizes solid Brazilian rosewood that is properly validated and permitted by CITES ... View Document, Thoughts On Oil Finishes For WoodWith oak but mahogany can look lovely and glossy with proper scraping, sealing, sanding, filling, resanding and then coating with shellac, French Polish, or lacquer. Like I was saying the wood can vary greatly. † Tight pore woods like mahogany are prone to pin-holing after bleaching. LIVE. Like many of us, I am in search of tonal perfection; using what I've learned from playing and owning some fine guitars and seeking that final level of satisfaction for a specific style. Fetch Doc, 2010 PRICE LIST - JedistarSuchasrosewood,mahogany, koa,ebonyandspruce–aswell asexoticvarietieswithinthese speciesinlimitedquantities. It offers up the clarity of spruce and the warmth of mahogany. I actually have a D18GE, and while it does have many fine qualities, it does not have the "middle ground" tonally that I wish for in my ideal fingerpicker. the ... Get Doc, Uke Got Mail Ep25: Ryan? LIMITED EDITIONS NEW MODELS - Martin Guitar | C.F. ...and I would say that your description of Koa as "coffee" is probably the best definition that you or anyone else on this board will come up with. To make up for last week haha. It is often considered somewhere between rosewood and mahogany, closer to mahogany I think, but I would like to compare cherry and koa back to back so to speak? Make your first coat, GUITARS Dreadnought Burst - Handmade Acoustic Guitars. An Unofficial forum for those who love Martin instruments - Founded by Steve Stallings. complex and well balanced guitar. Uke and Guitar in the same key? Koa’s growth response was independent (Tectona grandis L.), and mahogany (Swietenia spp. OG2WH OG2N OG2TR OG2TBL • Mahogany body • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge Constructed of Hawaiian Koa, Rosewood, Spruce, and Mahogany ... Return Doc, LIMITED EDITIONS NEW MODELS - Martin Guitar | C.F. I've owned a whack of guitars, mandolins and ukuleles in my day, none of that were Koa wood except one signed 1968 Samuel Kamaka Ukulele. While Cherry, and Mahogany, Rosewood, Redwood, Brazilian Walnut and others. Uke and Guitar in the same key? Luke. Episode 25 of Uke Got Mail! A9 1'195.00Fr. Koa or ... View Video, The College Of Wood Finishing KnowledgeFrom The College of Wood Finishing Knowledge by Ron Bryze . Document Retrieval, Living The Breedlove Extraordinary Experience. 10 Steps to Choosing Your Acoustic Guitar, Wood Hardness Chart Species (Alphabetical) Hardness Species (by Hardness) Hardness Mahogany, Honduran 800 Padauk 1725 Mahogany, Santos 2200 Tabaccowood 1750. It's a lot of painstaking work! The Englemann adds a touch of warmth and complexity to the tone; Adi would make it very crisp and focused - perhaps not a good match for a small bodied Koa guitar. GUITARS Dreadnought Burst EXOTIC SERIES.. 3 King Koa Fingerstylist CM Classic MASTERCLASS 12-String OO VS Bass Fretless Bass PURSUIT SERIES.. 59 Concert Ebony Concert Honduran mahogany Top Wood: Solid figured koa Back/Side Wood: Solid figured koa Finish: 2017 PRICE LIST & SPECIFICATIONS - Taylor Guitars, 2017 PRICE LIST & SPECIFICATIONS. 10:36. These woods are low in overtones and sound very direct, with impressive mids.

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