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Cheers! Subscribe here to get FREE recipes and workouts delivered straight to your inbox! Thanks Jenn. During one of my freezer-cold day dreams, this little kiwi number popped into my head. Thank you for sharing! Click on the servings to adjust the recipe!). Added to Favorites Removed from Favorites. You don’t need an excuse to shake up a fruity margarita from scratch! In anticipation of the coming summer is very actual offer , this sounds so perfect for kicking off summer. But don’t assume extra means a lot of work! I'm Chrissa - a lover of cooking, hater of spiders, fitness enthusiast, red lipstick wearer, mom and wife. I’m betting you do too! That being said, you cannot puree the fresh kiwi too aggressively. Cucumber Cocktail Pour into martini glasses; garnish with the kiwi slices. And you can absolutely add a ‘lil vodka in there if you feel so inclined. Love the mint ice cubes as well. Turkey Peanut Stew with Butternut Squash- great for reinventing leftovers! Kudos to you,girl! Click here >> Read More…, Summer Bikini Workout Series: Part 2 – Cardio Blast ». Come on over!!! It has to be peeled, but after that it goes extremely well in the blender. This looks amazing and sounds so refreshing! It’s summer and HOT and all I can think of drinking a cold beverage! I used La Croix sparkling lemon water as a base for this beverage, but you could certainly do any variety, or just plain sparkling water with a little lemon or lime juice added. Life is just better with a good mocktail . Love this recipe? And you can absolutely add a ‘lil vodka in there if you feel so inclined. Want to drink this like every single day of summer? DIRECTIONS. You'll need about 5-7 kiwi … Love to see that you are using my favorite brand of sparkling water! Required fields are marked *, Hey busy moms! This looks delicious! ???? Mix together 10 ounces of pureed kiwi with rum, lime juice, water and sugar in a shallow freezer safe dish. Let us know how it turned out for you! You totally get it. Oh my goodness, I think mom of the year IS in order for you. GIRL. Make a few or big batch like we do! YUM, this looks super delicious. Paloma Fizz Mocktail. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aaf9002d9dd9ac021f6d15aa31bc8b3d" );document.getElementById("d27df71254").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. haha). Chances are, a local farmer supplies edible flowers to restaurants in your area. The farmer’s market is also a great place to look. Thanks Rachel! This drink looks so delightful! With or without alcohol, lol. Bookmarking to try later! Puree fresh (not frozen) kiwi in a blender. I LOVE flying though! This drink looks great as well! When ready to serve, fluff cocktail with a fork and spoon it into four glasses. Perfect timing for serving the drinks. But then adding all these extra nummy elements makes it out of this world! You are super mom to travel with a toddler while pregnant! =). Yes yes and yes. Watermelon Margaritas Help spread the word. Here's room for experiments! I hear ya. Using a blender, mix the ice cubes, kiwis, lemon juice, sugar and 2 cups water until smooth. This looks so refreshing! Just like the wild violets in this pineapple sorbet float and white orchids in these probiotic kombucha margaritas, I knew this girly drink could use something extra! LOL, Bless your heart! Simply add the sliced kiwi, pineapple juice, and honey to a blender or food processor and puree until creamy. That’s what I do for my strawberry margaritas and pineapple smoothies. The Quick Kiwi mocktail is packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, and is a delicious alcohol free drink. As for flying with a toddler… I love my kindle for kid entertainment! I don’t drink, so I absolutely love this! That means, we blend it up and stick it in the freezer overnight and voila! I won’t lie though… I’m going to add vodka to mine:), Hey, more power to ya momma! You had me at Pineapple Kiwi — this looks incredibly refreshing especially for a long hot Texas summer! I cannot wait! Check out all our cocktail recipes! But kiwi don’t play like that! I love sparkling water and kiwi! Actually the first time I flew alone without my son I seriously felt like I was at the spa. Oh I TOTALLY had my iPad stashed with toddler cartoons and apps, but it only held his attention for short bits of time! Non Alcoholic Drinks Recipes like Fizzy Kiwi Lemonade, Fresh Orange Lemonade, Peach lemonade. . Yes you do Shannon. Not appetizing! (Hint! The whole thing (after getting through security) I just love the whole vibe I'm so weird! I’ll join you and Jess for a mocktail and chat. We’re rockin the batch cocktails baby! Here you will find healthy recipes the family will love, step-by-step workout tutorials, meal planning guides and wellness tips. You are braver than I am!! Pour into martini glasses; garnish with the kiwi slices. About 4 or 5 recipe tweaks later, I had a  mixture that was in between ice cube and unfreezable syrupy sludge. Me too! I love having date nights on the patio with my hubs when the baby is asleep! Drinks & cocktails with Kiwi. Here are some of our favorites! Summer can’t come soon enough! Now, let’s whip up a couple of these mocktails and chat it up , This looks delicious and so refreshing! This looks like the perfect drink for sitting out on the back deck on a sunny day! Chrissa this looks so refreshing. Poor kiwi never gets enough attention! DIRECTIONS. When it’s crazy hot outside, fresh watermelon makes the sweetest, most cooling margaritas. So much respect for you as a busy momma! I can’t wait to try this drink on a hot day! So I tried another route. But don't worry - I've got lots of healthy (EASY) recipes and at-home workouts to simplify your life and keep you on track. YES survival is the right word! Gently pulse the blender until the kiwi so the seeds stay intact. Using a blender, mix the ice cubes, kiwis, lemon juice, sugar and 2 cups water until smooth. Looks and sounds delicious. And that’s why I went through all the trouble to make this recipe. As usual I learned this the hard way. I’ve been there and it is no fun! xo. The usual MO for me and frozen beverages goes something like this: freeze fruit, then blend a drink later. Stir kiwi mixture and cover tightly and freeze overnight. I need a good mocktail in my life! Have to admit, I didn’t see this trouble coming. Divide the puree and pour in each glass. The Best Kiwi Drink Non Alcoholic Recipes on Yummly | Pork Tenderloin Medallions With Raspberry Sauce, Apple, Kiwi, And Mint Milkshake, Kiwi And Mint Tea Leaves Refreshment It will have the consistency of a granita, but will quickly melt into a slushy drink. So I had a tasty cocktail but it looked like a 1970s olive green kitchen with a dark, sickly color. You can add a little extra mint if you are … Panko Crusted Turkey Cutlets with Herbs and Country Sausage, Spiced Pear Martini with Amaretto and Cardamom Bitters. Subscribe below to be receive our updates! Let mixture sit at room temperature for one hour to melt sugar. Serve this at any party and you’re … Whether you're whipping up a cocktail or a non alcoholic drink with some kiwi, it's a delicious way to enjoy sipping some refreshing kiwi flavors. That’s what I NEED right now! Ha Cara – thrilling is definitely the word, in the most sarcastic way possible Thanks girl! Interested to know more? I need to up my ice cube game this summer. It’s also a fabulous mocktail for kids. All with a little mom humor mixed in. Thanks Chris! (It’s a hard knock life! I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but if you can survive a 12-hour travel day with an overly-tired toddler, while pregnant, with 5+ hours of delays sprinkled in there, elevators/escalators not working, and a few more delays sitting on the tarmac, I think a mom of the year trophy is in order.

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