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Bad Daddy!! Google it! Testosterone and even Vitamin D depend on fats…  Don’t worry; fat doesn’t make you fat… Eating too many calories does. All rights reserved. Since going Paleo, I have switched to almond butter, since peanuts are legumes and all…. Julian Bakery makes a great low carb slice, which is also low in calories, and lacks GMO’s, grains, gluten, dairy, and is also starch free! The Manna is great stuff, and very nutritious for you. And it was here in a flash! All natural, all healthy, all you wanted in nut butter! She is also getting tons of delicious, flavorful foods, which is why SHE is happy! Instructions. I didn’t stop there! THAT is why I am happy. What benefits? This bread is lighter in texture and has a slight coconut flavor. Get a little nutty! No High Fructose Corn Syrup here! Have a great day! Think about that the next time you have an ache in your elbow! After you have settled down from enjoying this meal, please let me know how you liked it! It melts with a little bit of heat; it spreads on so nicely, and tastes so heavenly! Order online, stop in their store, it’s up to you! 4) Add unsweetened shredded Coconut. Julian Bakery, Inc. 624 Garrison St. Oceanside, CA 92054. Pass on the Canola oil! All other ingredients are…. Well, the oil from coconut is beneficial from helping with joint pain for arthritis, to helping with Candida (a bacterial overgrowth in the gut). It’s been my pleasure, and I look forward to the next meal! We recommend your refrigerate or freeze your bread upon arrival. Phone: (760) 721-5200 Hours: Monday - Friday, 8AM to 4PM PST Customer Service [email protected] Wholesale Accounts [email protected] Find Us On 4)      When toast is near to being done, spread Coconut Manna on toast and sprinkle cinnamon. Julian Bakery • Feb 04, 2013 • gluten free bread, gluten free diet, Gluten-Free, Grain Free, Grain Free Bread, Paleo, Paleo Bread, Paleo Diet, Primal, Uncategorized. Additionally you are getting all the benefits of coconut! All rights reserved. 1)      Toast Paleo Bread™ to your liking, 2)      Spread Paleo MeeNut Butter  onto bread. This move is even smarter…. 2) Spread Paleo MeeNut Butter onto bread. Through Julian Bakery! Sweet Potato Chicken On Paleo Bread™ Recipe, Grassfed Garlic & Arugula Burger on Julian Bakery Paleo Bread, Julian Bakery Egg Red Onion & Tomato Paleo Bread Sandwich. Drum roll please!!!! I truly love this Paleo MeeNut Butter! © 2020 Julian Bakery. Please allow for up to 6 business days to process, bake, and ship your order. It has a nice texture, its rich in flavor but not overpowering, and it is packed with nutrients. Spreading that Coconut Manna on the toast was making me drool, but I had to remember that this was for my daughter. 3)      When toast is ½ done, spread coconut oil on toast and put back in toaster oven. She asked me for cinnamon toast this morning, and with Julian Bakery’s Coconut Paleo Bread I know I can make a really healthy and tasty cinnamon toast. Paleo Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes Steak & Paleo Bread™, Low Carb Tiramisu Recipe Made w/Paleo Bread™, Grassfed Garlic & Arugula Burger on Julian Bakery Paleo Bread, The Incredible Benefits of Organic Sacha Inchi Protein. Where do you sign? Flax seeds, Sunflower seeds, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Pure Vanilla Extract, and Sea Salt. This bread is better toasted. This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Coconut banana & Paleo MeeNut Butter sandwich.”  My, my, how times have changed… Remember when peanut butter was the norm? 6)      When toast is complete, remove carefully and spread coconut manna/cinnamon evenly. But as she was bringing me the coconut oil, she asked for Coconut Manna (which is available through Julian Bakery I might add!). Every time I check this section out, my eyes lose focus, and I go into a dizzy spell. This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”Coconut cinnamon Paleo Bread toast and Eggs.” Coconut is one of my favorites, and apparently my daughter’s as well. 1 Paleo Thin Almond Bread, 1 Paleo Thin Coconut Bread, 1Paleo Thin Seed Medley. Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Coconut Flour, Egg Whites, Psyllium Seed Powder, Organic Lemon Juice, Potassium Bi-Carbonate (Potassium), Salt. And the eggs! © 2020 Julian Bakery. Although I wanted to…  Slices of banana merged with the nut butter, and then we finished this work of art with unsweetened shredded coconut and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I mean, really, if you are a fan of coconut, you need to give Coconut Manna a shot! Paleo Panini With Almond Paleo Bread … Thanks to Julian Bakery! Coconut Paleo Thin® Bread ( Paleo Bread ) is the ideal bread for almost any diet as it’s gmo-free, starch-free, grain free, gluten free, yeast free, soy free, and dairy Free. She asked me for cinnamon toast this morning, and with Julian Bakery’s Coconut Paleo Bread I know I can make a really healthy and tasty cinnamon toast. Okay I’ll give you a few quick pointers; the brain needs healthy fats for proper development. More Info On the Julian Bakery:  Bread  About Us  Contact Us  Testimonials, Make Sure You Check Out This Recipe:  Low Carb Tiramisu Recipe Made w/Paleo Bread™, Check Out Even More Paleo Recipes At The Paleo Bread Blog, Facebook Pages Oceanside Location & La Jolla Location – Main Facebook Page. Then, I carefully plated the slice, and spread on the Paleo MeeNut Butter. Ingredients: • 1 slice coconut Paleo Bread™ • 1 Tablespoon Paleo MeeNut Butter • 1/3 rd Banana • Unsweetened shredded Coconut • Cinnamon to sprinkle. 1)      Cook Paleo Bread™ in toaster oven, 2)      Put some coconut oil in pan and start cooking egg. She is eating low inflammatory foods, packed with nutrients, good fats, no grains and no gluten, and no GMO’s as well! Your bread is baked fresh. Which four? Paleo Thin Coconut Bread will last up to 6 months unopened. And with only 3 Net Carbs, and 90 calories per Tablespoon, on top of the one and only Paleo Bread which is also low in Carbs and Cal’s, you are golden! Out of this world!!! Thankfully to the blend of four different nuts, that blend is quite the concoction, bringing lots of Omegas that your body requires… Yes, the body needs these Omegas, AKA good fats… Don’t believe me? https://blog.julianbakery.com/julian-bakerys-paleo-french-toast-recipe And, check out the great cookbooks that they offer as well! 5)      When egg is done, add to plate and season with salt & pepper. So when you are ready to get a little nutty, don’t fear, just click here! Along with some coconut oil to moisten it up and bring out some of that great coconut flavor. Personally, it’s quite a drive from Connecticut to California, so I opted to get it online. Healthy! Prep Time: As previously mentioned, Coconut Manna is available through www.JulianBakery.com/paleo. Sayonara artificial sweeteners! Thanks to Julian Bakery! with just one slice of bread. They have such amazing foods and treats, you can’t help but want to order everything up! With my my toaster oven, I toasted my Paleo Bread to perfection. 3) Add sliced banana. How was it, you asked? This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”Coconut cinnamon Paleo Bread toast and Eggs.”  Coconut is one of my favorites, and apparently my daughter’s as well. Julian Bakery • Feb 02, 2013 • gluten free bread, gluten free diet, gluten free recipe, Gluten-Free, Grain Free, High Fiber, high fiber bread, In the News, Julian Bakery, julian bakery bread, julian bakery breads, low calorie bread, low calorie diet, Low Carb, Low Carb Bread, Low Carb Breads, low carb desert, Low Carb Diet, low carb diet tips, low carb foods, low carb recipe, low carb snacks, low carb stores, Paleo, Paleo Bread, Paleo Diet, Paleo Foods, Paleo Nate, Paleo Princess, Paleo Recipe, Paleo Recipes, Primal, Protein Powder, Recipes, Uncategorized, Weight Loss. Please visit us again for more tasty meals with Julian Bakery products! Low Carb Spinach-Mushroom-Bacon Omelet w/ Coconut Paleo Bread Toast Ingredients: 2 large organic cage free eggs, beaten 2 slices Coconut Paleo Bread, toasted Organic Olive oil spray (extra virgin) 3 large mushrooms, sliced 2 cups packed fresh baby spinach leaves 1 or 2 slices organic nitrite free turkey bacon, cooked until crisp and crumbled 2 […] No signing necessary… But I can tell you where you can get Paleo MeeNut Butter! Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, and Macadamia nuts! Since this was in addition to my breakfast, I am an omnivore after all, I decided to keep it small (yet delicious!) I am fortunate to have found such a great company that makes healthy products geared towards Paleo…  Julian Bakery is that company, and their products allow me to give my child foods that keep me and her happy. It is blander than our other breads but it’s perfect for sandwiches with bold flavors such as dairy free cream cheese and smoked salmon, nut butter and berry sandwiches, and sloppy joes. That just took the cinnamon toast to another level! Directions: 1) Toast Paleo Bread™ to your liking.

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