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Consider the following scenario . Converting from measure to dimension and discrete to continuous can easily be done in Tableau but they will affect your visualizations and filters. You have a chart that shows profit across the Sub Categories in the Superstore data. Generate tableau histogram based on count of aggregated measure. Re: Converting a Dimension of Measure Names into Measures for.hor Aug 14, 2015 7:24 AM ( in response to Rody Zakovich ) Thank you, pivoting the table resolved my issue! Sometimes, Tableau automatically classifies a field as a dimension even though you want to aggregate it. Using measurements as our primary example: In Tableau there are four possible modes when dealing with your measurement … 1. Tableau: Measures vs. Dimensions. Something like City, Time period, GDP, Consumer Expenditure, disposable Income all as separate columns. 4. Just like your other fields, you can use it in one or more visualizations. Tableau converting dimension to measure – AnilGoyal Oct 18 at 4:38. Convert … Why date is Dimension rather than Measure in Tableau? See Also. How to avoid aggregation of measure values in tableau. A far better way to handle problems like this is to restructure the data before importing into tableau. This will make analysis in Tableau … Converting this field from a number to a string ensures that Tableau treats it as a string and not a number (i.e. 1. In today’s tableau tip I will show you an effective way of changing the measures and dimensions in a chart using parameter. Converting measures into dimensions or dimensions into measures. Tableau does not aggregate it). 0. The new calculated field appears under Dimensions in the Data pane. Tableau convert measure to dimension. Converting a measure to date for line chart in Tableau… Now we would like to bring Sales in measure and Region in Dimension. And vice versa, sometimes Tableau will classify something as a measure … Data Types. 5. A quick intro to what is a dimension versus a measure; continuous versus discrete, and aggregate versus non-aggregate.

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