is heinz vegetable soup healthy

Salt could be raising YOUR blood pressure, but how much is too much? Again, Baxters consider a serving size for an adult as half a can. "We have been able to highlight other non-performers for the supermarkets," Mr Ince said, and some brands have been discontinued. A tin of tomato soup hangs about the cupboards of many homes - but if you are concerned about your salt intake, you may want to give it a miss. The competition commission report on supermarkets in 2000 said that this sort of close cooperation might reduce competition. Like their competitors, New Covent Garden Soup Co. bases the nutritional information they put on the front of the packet on a serving size of half a carton - but it would take very strong willpower not to cook and eat the whole thing after a long day at work on a cold January night. The food giant Heinz has changed the contents of all its tinned soups, increasing the "quantity of ingredients" while reducing fat, salt and sugar. "It's good that they've taken these steps. Express. A category manager takes charge of a category of product in the supermarket, such as soup or bread, and works closely with retailers on research and marketing of that category for all other suppliers. Sizes available: 300g, 400g and a range of multipacks. Try our Heinz Vegetable Pot Soup for the delicious taste of Heinz Soup: now ready at the touch of a button. We continue to develop our recipes with less salt in line with changes in consumer taste.". Suitable for Vegetarians. The new Heinz tomato soup for example now contains 84% tomato compared with 74% in the old version. Sadly, health is not the word that springs to mind when you look at the salt content. "And as part of our Balance range, our much loved Tomato Soup recipe is available with a further 25 per cent salt reduction compared with the Heinz standard variety. Heinz Cream of Tomato with a Kick of Chilli. “We constantly monitor the recipes of all our products for nutritional, fat, sugar and of course salt content to ensure we can deliver healthy, nutritious products full of flavour. Suitable for Vegetarians. The NHS website has stern advice for UK citizens when it comes to the white stuff. 1 of your 5 a day and low in fat. About. They say: "Too much salt can raise your blood pressure, which puts you at increased risk of health problems such as heart disease and stroke. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, On average Heinz has negotiated a 25-30% rise in its share of space for soup in the main stores. Replacing all its stock in every major supermarket branch in the country in one night will require 20,000 staff and 1,000 lorries. It will spend £10m on advertising in the autumn and has an additional budget of £2.5m to cover the cost of credit for old stock and logistics to replace it. Available sizes: 300g, 400g and a range of multipacks. Tomatoes (74%), water, vegetable oil, sugar, modified cornflour, salt, dried skimmed milk, whey protein, cream, spice extracts, herb extract, citric acid, Tomatoes (84%), water, vegetable oil, sugar, modified cornflour, salt, dried skimmed milk, whey protein, cream, citric acid, spice extracts, herb extract. With that in mind, investigated popular soup brands and the salt content of their most classic flavour - tomato. "We are working towards the Food Standards Agency guidelines on salt, which are pretty tough, and to achieving them over three years," marketing manager Dan Ince said. Heinz has taken the unusual step of replacing all its old stock in major supermarkets at once rather than introducing the new range gradually. Low in calories they may be, but there are shocking levels of salt lurking in these seemingly saintly meals. The suggested serving size is half of this - but of course a significant majority of people would find it easy to slurp through the whole thing. … A new range of "special soups" has also been developed using "only ingredients that could be found in the modern domestic kitchen", and these will sell for 79p for 400g. Claire Roper, Category Innovation Manager at GLORIOUS!, said: "The recommended portion size is per half pot and all our nutritionals are therefore communicated as per half a pot.

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