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11.1 Identifying Psychological Disorders: What's Abnormal? Stephen M. Kosslyn is President of Foundry College, a new kind of 2-year college that is designed to integrate practical training into a broad education. Sample syllabi provide useful templates to help new faculty adopters revise their teaching plans to match their assigned FlatWorld textbook or lend insights to existing adopters on how to organize their classes. Stephen M. Kosslyn and Robin S. Rosenberg, Color Printed Textbook with Online Access Price:  endstream endobj 911 0 obj<>/Size 858/Type/XRef>>stream 11.2 An Overview of Mood and Anxiety Disorders and Schizophrenia, 11.3 An Overview of Other Selected Disorders, 12.2 Treatments that Focus on Behavior, and More, 13.1 Social Cognition: Thinking About People, 13.2 Social Behavior: Interacting with People, 13.3 A Final Word: Ethics and Social Psychology, C.1 Chapter 1 Introduction to the Science of Psychology: History and Research Methods, C.2 Chapter 2 The Biology of Mind and Behavior: The Brain in Action, C.3 Chapter 3 Sensation and Perception: How the World Enters the Mind, C.4 Chapter 4 Learning: How Experience Changes Us, C.5 Chapter 5 Memory: Living with Yesterday, C.6 Chapter 6 Language, Thinking, and Intelligence: What Humans Do Best, C.7 Chapter 7 Emotion and Motivation: Feeling and Striving. Bringing textbook prices back down to earth, By: 0000007072 00000 n She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology, a member of the Academy for Eating Disorders, and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Francisco. Save up to 80% by choosing the eTextbook option for ISBN: 9781453391860, 145339186X. By John W Warren. startxref Includes standard learning aids, such as section-opening learning objectives, key takeaways, and summaries. 0000051266 00000 n Unique partnership of key researcher and clinical psychologist provides balance of theory and practice. 0000006875 00000 n In order to give you the best experience, it is important that we have accurate data about your correct school. Learn more. C.9 Chapter 9 Psychology Over the Life Span: Growing Up, Growing Older, Growing Wiser, C.10 Chapter 10 Stress, Health, and Coping: Dealing with Life, C.11 Chapter 11 Psychological Disorders: More than Everyday Problems, C.12 Chapter 12 Treatment: Healing Actions, Healing Words, C.13 Chapter 13 Social Psychology: Meeting of the Minds. He previously was Founding Dean and Chief Academic Officer of Minerva, and before that was Professor of Psychology and Director of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. 858 55 0000045296 00000 n In his spare time, Stephen takes French lessons and plays bass guitar. Robin Rosenberg is a clinical psychologist, board certified in clinical psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology and a fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology. His research has focused primarily on the nature of visual mental imagery, visual communication, and the science of learning; he has published 13 books and over 300 papers on these topics. 0000045775 00000 n 6.4 Intelligence: What Is It and How Does It Arise? 0000058718 00000 n 0000053803 00000 n 7.2 Motivation and Reward: Being Guided to Our Goals, 7.3 Hunger and Sex: Two Important Motivations, 8.4 Contributions of Learning and Cognition to Personality, 8.5 Sociocultural Influences on Personality, 9.1 In the Beginning: From Conception to Birth, 9.4 Adulthood and Aging: The Continuously Changing Self. Robin specializes in treating people with eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. 0000002793 00000 n The print version of this textbook is ISBN: 9781453391853, 1453391851. 0000031960 00000 n 0000045834 00000 n Examining psychological concepts from the levels of the brain (biological factors), the person (beliefs, desires, and feelings), and the world (social, cultural, and environmental factors) helps students organize and integrate topics within and across chapters -- and readily see the relevance of psychology to their own lives. 0000068622 00000 n 0000005512 00000 n Downloadable, copy-protected PDF and other versions of your textbook for reading offline on multiple devices using Adobe Digital Editions. FlatWorld has partnered with Cognero, a leading online assessment system, that allows you to create printable tests from FlatWorld provided content. %PDF-1.4 %���� KOSSLYN CHAPTER 1 – Introduction to the Science of Psychology: History and Research Methods Edward Lee Thorndike, John B. Watson, Clark L. Hull, B.F. Skinner – psychology should concentrate on understanding directly observable behavior Behaviorism – the school of psychology that focuses on how a specific stimulus (object, person, or When the opportunity arises, she also sings and plays guitar. Included online Homework system — at no additional cost. 0000002400 00000 n 0000020309 00000 n 0000049661 00000 n If you purchase the text separately, you will need to purchase access to If you are unable to find the correct school above, please enter the name and web address here so that we can add it to our system. We wish you all an enjoyable and safe holiday weekend! In addition to writing textbooks, she writes about psychology for a general audience, typically using fictional characters to illustrate psychological concepts and phenomena. 0000050761 00000 n Downloaded files are protected by digital rights management and are yours to keep. 0000013240 00000 n She is board certified in clinical psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology and has been certified in hypnosis. 0000001941 00000 n This comprehensive introduction to psychology both engages students and provides them with an integrated introduction to the field. 0000005677 00000 n 0000045069 00000 n 0000063715 00000 n 0000003903 00000 n Introducing Psychology: Brain, Person, Group presents psychology using levels of the brain, person, and social world to help students actively apply psychology to their lives. 0000031181 00000 n 0000049493 00000 n Introduces new research, refreshes previous editions’ discussions, and provides more polished descriptions of key psychological principles in every chapter. The custom, loose leaf, edition is the least expensive. 0000046470 00000 n 858 0 obj <> endobj 0000032219 00000 n For your convenience, we've packaged our test items for easy import into Learning Management Systems like Blackboard, Brightspace/D2L, Canvas, Moodle, or Respondus. Updated and rewritten to help students better understand key psychological terms, findings, theories, and concepts and their implications. 0000013079 00000 n 0 0000051335 00000 n 0000002139 00000 n 0000050502 00000 n 0000021218 00000 n Dr. Kosslyn's research has focused on the nature of visual mental imagery and visual communication. 0000006832 00000 n trailer Michael Kebede marked it as to-read Mar 24, As of 1 JanuaryIntroducing Psychology Brain Stephen Michael Kosslyn born is an American psychologist who specializes in the fields of cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience. k���P��DhA8���2b ����43�gJ��z(B��E�9�?��3M8��٠�2uQ�WՆF�Z:n�g`am�@�Y}�f`��9�?�EuX��D� K��� Special high-interest features throughout like chapter-opening stories to provide thematic structure and real-life applications to engage students; “Think Like a Psychologist” to highlight critical thinking through questions and activities; “Looking at Levels” picks up on the book’s theme and focuses once per chapter on a key theory or psychological phenomenon to apply the three levels of analysis (brain, person, group). Top Questions from Introducing Psychology: Brain, Person, Group (4th Edition) (Mypsychlab) We pay attention to something for one of two reasons A new DSM-5 diagnosis for children who are constantly irritable and have frequent outbursts is called ____ disorder. 0000050962 00000 n 0000020643 00000 n 0000045485 00000 n Our test-item files (in Word format) contain many multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and short-answer questions. Kosslyn and Robin S. Kosslyn Group 4th edition works on visual display design, showing how psychological principles can be used to produce displays that can be read at a glance. Can include answers to chapter exercises, group activity suggestions, and discussion questions. 0000031570 00000 n Need assistance in supplementing your quizzes and tests? Stephen received his BA from UCLA and his PhD from Stanford University, both in psychology. 0000050143 00000 n <<807A5D8B66BB1C46B9DD81979FD04A8F>]>> Mobile-friendly, searchable online textbook access for one year (until November 26, 2021).. 0000061130 00000 n $54.95, 1.1 The Science of Psychology: Getting to Know You, 1.3 The Research Process: How We Find Things Out, 2.2 The Nervous System: An Orchestra with Many Members, 2.3 Spotlight on the Brain: How It Divides and Conquers, 2.5 Genes, Brain, and Environment: The Brain in the World, 5.1 Encoding Information into Memory Stores: Time and Space Are of the Essence, 5.2 Retaining Information: Not Just One LTM, 5.3 Retrieving Information from Memory: More Than Reactivating the Past, 5.4 When Memory Goes Wrong and What to Do About It, 6.1 Language: More Than Meaningful Sounds, 6.2 Means of Thinking: The Mental Tool Kit, 6.3 Problem Solving and Reasoning: From Mental Processes to Behavior.

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