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I hope you are well. This is Debra from ABC Auto insurance. Once you gather all of the necessary information to finalize the application, schedule an onboarding call where you’ll go over their coverage in detail, get an online review, go over your referral process, and set the expectations to retain this new client for life. Examples of that might look something like this: Thank you for taking a moment to talk about your auto insurance. 5 Best Insurance Sales Closing Techniques [DATA], Learn How One Product Helped This Captive Agent Save His Business By Increasing Monthly Sales 4X, The Insurance Quote Email Template Used by a Lifetime President's Club Member [+ Free Email Templates], Join EverQuote for BIND2020 – the First Virtual Conference for Insurance Agents, The Best Interview Questions To Ask When Hiring Insurance Producers [+ Free 30 Interview Questions Download]. In fact, for people with automatic payments set up, it might only cross their minds once or twice a year when they need to, With good timing and the right pitch (see the insurance sales pitch examples below! I want to be clear, I don’t claim to have “figured it all out.”. When was the last time you checked your email? Our representatives are standing by to help you succeed. Vlad Cherchenko began his insurance career back in 2014 and within 9 months developed a sales process that helped him consistently write over 150 P&C policies a month as one producer. You find your audience’s point of view (POV) and connect to their values or needs. Exclusive Auto Insurance Leads For Agents: What’s the difference? The Insurance Sales Pitch. Below is my proven six-step sales process that is specifically designed to close a prospect in the first call. It also pays off in helping conversations flow more productively. Thanks, Jan. On average, we’ve saved our customers $214 per year on auto insurance, and we have hundreds of five-star reviews on Google. As someone who has personally written over 150 policies a month on a consistent basis, I’d like to go over how I handle a sales call, so that I can close each sale in the first call. Sometimes you only have 10 or 15 seconds to make your pitch. A lot of people cringe at the idea of mingling with a group of strangers who probably want nothing more than to sell them something—I revel in it. By waiting to present the price until after you’ve built value, you have already positioned the conversation in your favor. Vlad now works with some of the biggest captive agents and independent brokers, helping them hire "A-Players" and implement his sales process in their agencies so their team members could write 100+ policies a month. Tell your customer what the law requires for coverage, and be specific. This is, hopefully, a long-term situation that will be beneficial to both of you. If you ask for the sale but then continue selling, you risk bringing up points that your prospect hasn’t thought of, and that they’ll want to take time to think about—thus delaying your sale. You have captured their payment information! I’d also like to point you to one of our blog posts about saving money on auto insurance. At EverQuote, our expertise is getting you in front of interested parties by providing you with qualified leads. In a lot of sales conversations, you will face reluctance from the prospect when they don’t want to bundle because it’s a hassle. If it’s well-written and informative, the blog post you reference and link to in your email helps position you as an expert. When you’re ready to start making those calls, use these auto insurance sales pitch examples to inspire you to write your own. “I have a niche business.” Hitting them with something different will create curiosity. “Want to make sure they remember you? There are many more nuances and details that you have to know and properly execute if you want to close your sales in the first call, and they are all outlined in this free 60 minute Sales Training Video So if you want to see exactly how this script works in action (in a real phone call) make sure you watch this free video training. ABC Insurance customers value our ability to take care of everything from the moment you call us with a claim. That might seem improbable over the phone, but it’s not. When (and if) they answer they answer your call, you can assume they’re also getting calls from other agents. However, if you followed the script correctly, then most of the time they’ll simply give you their payment info. We’re expanding our coverage to your area. Reassure them that you will handle all the details and paperwork, and that the amount of work they will need to do to move their policies to you is minimal. This six-step script to a one-call close lets insurance agents write 100-300 policies per month—without hiring additional team members! For example: 1. With good timing and the right pitch (see the insurance sales pitch examples below! By taking that approach you’re serving customers by giving them one less thing to make a decision on; and you’re also demonstrating that you’re doing them a favor by keeping all of their policies in one place.. Using the example above it would look something like this: " At XYZ agency, we've been helping protect assets and managing risk for growing families and individuals for over 15 years. Only after I’ve finished the first three steps do I bring up their price. Strategically, that looks like this: Once I’ve presented the price, I ask for the sale, and then I shut up and wait. By clicking "Get Started", I affirm that I have read and agree to this website’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, including the arbitration provision and the E-SIGN Consent. When you have your email templates in place, it’s just a matter of filling in the specific information and sending it out.

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