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For example, here’s an annual marketing calendar template. If you don’t know who your online audience is, you won’t have an optimal digital marketing plan. 8. A firm cannot afford to travel in a haphazard manner, it has to travel with the support of a route map. That’s where a marketing strategy comes into play. The importance of a marketing strategy is highlighted by the timeliness of its plans. It will detail your timelines to achieve your objectives. 4. Marketing planning is a systematic and disciplined exercise to formulate marketing strategies. 3. Strategic marketing plans pinpoint the target audience, establish clear brand messaging, outline the marketing mix and provide tactical plans for execution. 7. Staying on the same page also means keeping everything integrated. Business firms naturally undertake a good deal of planning. You must accept that it will require consistent and constant attention. 6. A marketing plan will help to focus your company on the vital activity of growing the business. The importance of strategic marketing planning is that it helps the organization to identify its goals and create a plan to achieve them. Whilst a business plan helps define the direction for your company, a marketing plan will help your business understand how to get there and sets out how you are going to put your marketing strategy … Market analysis, market projection, consumer behaviour analysis and marketing-guided conclusions are based on data and measurements drawn from internal and external environments. Benchmark where you are now and compare this with where you want to be in the future. 9. In order to break it down, you’ll need to plan out a do-able number of digital marketing activities that will fully cover the Customer Journey. Being responsive to questions and messages. Only a company that specializes in content marketing will be able to present your brand personality with consistency and authenticity across different digital marketing channels. A marketing plan helps you analyze which markets are accessible to your company and define target markets. Remember that online communications based around your competitors and customers will be different compared to your traditional marketing channels. It gives an intelligent direction of marketing operations. We all know how tough it is now that so many businesses are competing for the same products and services. The Purpose of Your Marketing Plan. Privacy Policy 8. Involve your business’s key players (or just yourself) and ask the following questions: -what are your revenue goals for this year? When you’re committed to staying adaptable, then you’ll be all set on the path to optimization. You should check this calendar on a weekly basis at least. But before you can create a timely marketing strategy, you have to fully commit to digital marketing. This is because when creating your marketing strategy, you must be as specific as possible. And you must create a timeline in order for this to work. It will provide the framework on which to build new relationships and cement old ones. You should be asking specific questions such as: If you don’t intimately know who your target demographics are, you won’t know who your online audience is. Marketing planning is a formal and systematic approach towards planning of all marketing activities-product positioning, price setting, distribution channels etc. 6. As the year flies by, have you taken the time to consider the importance of a marketing strategy this year? It helps you reach and connect with your target audience and ultimately is how you will grow your business in the long run. It governs survival, growth and prosperity of any enterprise in a competitive and ever-changing environment. But it’s not always easy to ask the hard questions that come with creating a marketing strategy. Benefits of making your brand more authentic online: It goes without saying that the online marketplace is extremely competitive. And with the right marketing strategy you’ll get the basics right. Clearly define your customer value proposition (or in other words, why a consumer would benefit from purchasing your product or service). If you aren’t sure who your customers really are, then try the following: And if you think that Google Analytics is sufficient for learning who your target demographic is, then think again. Report a Violation, Marketing Planning: Meaning and Types of Marketing Plans, 5 Characteristics of Marketing Concept | Marketing Management, Marketing Planning: Long and Short Term Marketing Planning. Remember that common saying? Marketing planning, as a rational activity, requires thinking; imagination and foresight. It forces management to reflect upon the future in a systematic way. Only by accepting the importance of a marketing strategy will you be able to come up with a plan that will help your business stand out in the crowd. Being part and parcel of the over-all management, the marketing executives are deeply involved in the process of planning. If you think that don’t have the time or patience, then hiring a. Marketing planning is a forward looking exercise, which determines the future strategies of an organisation with special reference to its product development, market development, channel design, sales promotion and profitability. Your email address will not be published. LYFE Marketing, Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2020, losing market share to existing and start up competitors, missing out on opportunities for better targeting and optimization. The introduction of innumerable brands of toilet soaps, talcum powders is examples. Marketing vs. In order to be SMART, you must first be honest with yourself. A plan provides a frame work for a continuing review of operations. Following the train of thought with keeping everyone on the same page, you also want to keep everyone on the same timeline. -what is your average sale size and deal closing ratio? -what percent of leads will come from your marketing? But it’s one thing to market your business without any direction, and it’s another thing to market your business with a clear plan. But what exactly does a marketing strategy entail? Various sub-divisions and sections under the department give their proposals based on which the overall company marketing plans are developed and designed.

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