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Phi Alpha and Sigma Pi are both located in Beecher Hall (Phi Alpha on the first level and Sigma Pi on the second). Illinois College Blueboys Sideline Store. [36] In addition to the residence halls, Illinois College owns and maintains an apartment building close to campus which serves as housing for upperclassmen. The building also houses the college swimming center and the Sherman Gymnasium which has seating for 1,600 spectators. from the admissions office can be found here, University of Illinois at Springfield in Springfield, IL, University of Missouri - St Louis in Saint Louis, MO, Harris - Stowe State University in Saint Louis, MO, Truman State University in Kirksville, MO, University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, IN, The estimated tuition range is around $31,000-$37,000 per year, Part time students pay in the range of $970 to $1,200 per unit, Employing students to lower education costs, Teacher Education and Professional Development. And chances are you will never feel compelled to lie about your nickname as Tom Rowland, former football star for the Illinois College Blueboys once did. Illinois College is a top ranked liberal arts college located in Jacksonville, Illinois known for its Graduate Ready commitment to students. Popular study destinations include: Spain, Japan, Ecuador, Germany, Ireland, England, France, and Australia. Illinois Math & Science Academy Titans. Illinois College, founded in 1829, is a church-affiliated institution. [34] The exterior of Bruner provides the foundation for England Stadium which holds 3,000 spectators. Tuition prices may change for any number of reasons, and therefore students should visit the school's tuition calculator to understand their costs. The network helps support the work of leaders on college campuses around the world. Illinois School for the Deaf Tigers. The most popular sports played are listed below: The program list below is organized by areas of study. A program at Illinois College for first generation college students was named The Yates Fellowship Program in his honor. Illinois College's men's athletic teams are known as the Blueboys which is a reference to the uniforms worn by Union soldiers during the American Civil War. [13] The museum is open to tours and visits by appointment. The mascot for Illinois College is the "Blueboys", and they participate in intercollegiate sports through the NCAA. Information about Illinois College Blueboys, a college team from Jacksonville, Illinois, including website, logos and social media links Starhill Forest Arboretum is located 45 miles northeast of the Illinois College campus in the town of Petersburg. This includes the notable Sturtevant Hall which is often featured in pictures because of its unique towers and windows which are currently found in the College logo. The Rev. The college is also home to the Khalaf Al Habtoor Archives which is located in Schewe Library. Available athletic programs offered may include the following: Contact information, admission forms, areas of study, and more may be viewed on school's website at [12] Items currently on display include Lincoln's 1837 law office sofa, Findley's congressional desk, WWI and campaign memorabilia, and gifts from seven U.S. presidents and international leaders. The primary section of campus is divided into two areas commonly called the upper and lower quads. Illinois State University Redbirds. [21] As a member of the network, Illinois College pledges a minimum of $10,000 in funding to students of the campus who become Clinton Global Initiative University student commitment-makers. He was a United States Congressman from Nebraska, the US Secretary of State, and the Democratic Party's presidential nominee in 1896, 1900, and 1908. Many Illinois College graduates have gone on to have influential careers in public service. For example, Arkansas Tech are the Wonder Boys, Rockford University are the Regents, and Illinois College are the Blueboys, and while all of them are unique, none of them have an actual tangible mascot, or an illustrated version. Why the snow leopard? They are: Gamma Delta, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Chi Beta. Mascot Blue Boys and Lady Blues Sororities Not reported Fraternities Not reported See more. A list of some of the more popular programs offered are: Students applying for admission are asked to submit an application, school records, test scores and any requested letters of recommendations, which will then be reviewed by the admissions committee. Illinois Valley Central Grey Ghosts. Of those, there are three main organizations which help provide campus wide programming and governing:[37], Student Activities Board (SAB): Consists of six student-run committees dedicated to providing programming to the Illinois College community. Colors: Blue & White. Illinois College is a Member of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), with many of the sports being in the NCAA Division III (with football) classification. The College's rich history includes ties … In 2012[25] and 2013,[26] Illinois College received recognition for its commitment to community service and was included on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.

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