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Now on their website you’ll see other depths, widths, and heights listed. So, today I’m going to try and simplify the IKEA Pax system for you! You can select one of their pre-made options. This is why it’s SO important to make a floor plan first. You can also click and drag both windows and doors to wherever they fall in your design. Design your dream bedroom storage solution with the AURDAL planner. Select your unit from the pictures once you have your desired width, height, and depth and drag it into your Pax planner. Don’t skip this step! BUT, and this is a big but, if we had used the 22 7/8″ the entire length of the wall, it would be covering a floor air vent. KITCHEN & DINING | BATHROOM | BEDROOM | STORAGE | SOFAS | OFFICE, IKEA Home planner (Not compatible with mobile devices). DIY Farmhouse-Inspired Lace + Burlap + Peach Blossom Banner, How to Plank a Wall for $30 (DIY Shiplap), Simple Farmhouse Decor: How to Make your own Wood Bead Garland, How to Clean and Refinish Barnwood in 3 Easy Steps, Add in elements that *could* be changed if needed. PAX Planner Plan a flexible and customizable wardrobe storage system that works around you. The total price for the entire closet of $2120. How to plan and buy a PAX Wardrobe System Let’s start by chatting about our master closet a bit. Mine is a rectangle so I selected their “square” and then inputed the measurements of our closet. Use our planning tool to build a sofa for the kind of life you live. Or covers an outlet. I think choosing which width Pax units to buy is also a personal preference. We’ll be starting it up again (hopefully) soon! Make sure you map out if a specific depth will cover any vents, windows, doors, or switches/outlets. Time for ourselves is something we all need now and then. The other wall, we used 1 x 39 3/8″ and 3 x 19 5/8″. You can still get clothes to hang in the 13 3/4″ unit but it looks like this: Now, for me, it didn’t matter that I had to hang my clothes like the above picture. It’s important to be able to visually see what everything will look like. Once you have your structural elements in place, you can change the wall and floor colors/materials. Mix and match shapes, materials and colours and see what your ideas will look like with this simple planner tool. The last time we talked about our closet, we showed you our plans to install IKEA’s Pax system. Also switch easily between 3D and floor plan view. I would only use Chrome browser. Thanks to our easy-to-use software, you can choose cabinets, doors, and appliances to fit the exact measurements of your kitchen. Before choosing your depths, be sure to refer to your floor plan again. This wall didn’t matter as much because we knew we weren’t taking them all the way the full width of the wall. But, you should be aware of the two heights offered in the custom planner – 79 1/8″ and 92 7/8″. If you want to see how to design the IKEA Algot system, I have an entire post on that here! SÖDERHAMN modular sofa makes it easy to design your own combination. But, when you see it visually you feel differently. If your room fits one of their shapes select that. Make sure you look at your floor plan to make sure you’re not covering any windows, doors, floor/wall vents, lights, or outlets. So, for that reason we ended up choosing a lot of the 19 5/8″ width Pax units. Wake up to what makes you super comfortable and try our new comfort guide. I’m here today to share all the tips and tricks I learned designing our own master closet using the IKEA Pax Closet System! Find out more about browser cookies. • Print your complete product list and review. We are designing your own Pax system. You can only use a rod going with width of the unit with the 22 7/8″ depth because clothes hangers don’t fit in the 13 3/4″ unit. Like when you select a Pax system that is already done with everything in it. • Print your complete product list and review. Plan a customized storage solution for your child’s bedroom with our STUVA planner. I would suggest the following, Shelf at the top to store stuff you don’t need all the time, Remember the clothes hanging tip I shared above that depends on your Pax unit depth, IKEA recommends at least 1.6″ of space between the top of the Pax units and the ceiling. When you add the windows and door, you’re able to add all the dimensions and location. All of the features didn’t work for me in Safari. You can always go back to the “Room Layout” section if you realize you made a mistake or need to change measurements. All widths are available in each of the depths and heights listed, too. Basically starting with just the basic Pax shell and adding in from there. Configure, plan and customize your JONAXEL solution with the JONAXEL planner. Lesson learned – if you don’t love a paint color, don’t do it! Since you’ve already made your floor plan (like I said 29389827 times), you’re good to go! Our team of IKEA experts will plan with you over the internet. Bring your ideas to life with rewards, inspiration, discounts and a few surprises along the way. Or vent. Because of the window location (which is another reason to make sure you make a floor plan first!). With the IKEA Home Planner you can plan and design your kitchen or your office. But for TJ, he has a ton of work clothes that he needs to be able to see more clearly. Here’s the floor plan we made for our closet: You need to make sure you have all of these elements listed out because the last thing you want is to buy all your Pax units, then realize they cover up a floor vent! In the “Add Product” section, you can select your Pax unit based on Width, Height, and Depth. I decided on that later so we have to redo it. Experience the flexibility of EKET, visualize endless combinations and create a functional solution that’s perfect for your home. I didn’t try any other browsers. There are three different widths, with two heights and two depths for each. *Tip: Use the hand with squiggly lines button to move your design around*. Products do not “de-select” so if you click over to another product, you’re still selecting the previous product. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. IKEA Home planner (not compatible with mobile devices). Now that you’re done with that, you can click “Add Product” and we can starting building the Pax System! The IKEA website uses cookies, which make the site simpler to use. First, you’ll access the Pax planner here. Once you have your units in place, click the “interior organizers” button to add in shelves, drawers, etc. Become your own kitchen designer. For the amount of stuff you get I think it’s 100% worth it! Learn more. That’s $1696 for our entire closet. This left us with 8″ of extra space that we’re covering with wood (since we’re building them in). • Draw it, build it and get a full 3D view of your new space. The biggest difference between these two depths is the type of clothes hanger you can use.

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