hvlp air cap pressure

double your capacity while reducing weight. Air Cap Pressure is typically in the region of 1.3 to 3 bar (20 to 45 psi) while using 250 to 560 l/min (9 to 20 cfm) to carry out its work. In order to adjust the pressure at the inlet or air cap, you need an air gauge that attaches to these locations. For HVLP guns, an equivalent pressure "at the gun inlet" that will result in a maximum 10 psig "at the air cap" should be given in the documentation that came with the gun; or stamped on the gun handle itself. at 40psi, max inlet pressure 80psi, HVLP inlet air pressure 40 psi. Let;s get into it shall we? When spraying highly viscous paint materials using -> air-atomizing wet application methods this could lead to material bounce back. High Volume Low Pressure Spray Gun (HVLP) Air Pressure Setting for Base Coat Clear Coat. Confused? 2 Quart Remote Cup. Easy to set air and fluid controls make it simple to get the perfect finish . Needle stays with the front end making color changes easy and allows for easier storage and clean up . Even though you will have somewhere around 50 psi going into the gun, only about 10 psi will be coming out the gun at the air cap (where the paint comes out). An HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) gun uses a high volume of air going through the gun to atomize the paint instead of high pressure. I am referring to air pressure at the neck of your spray gun dial when the trigger is pulled. It must not exceed with HVLP guns 10 psi (0,7 bar), for verification there are test air caps with gauges for round and flat spray air available. Air cap with wide horns. When I talk about air pressure, I don’t mean air cap pressure. Most of the air caps are listed with Pressure Operating Range (both in BAR and PSI), Air Flow (LPM and SCFM) and Pattern Size (MM and Inch) and information whether the air cap is conventional, HVLP or TRANS-TECH. My HVLP spot gun has this inlet pressure stamped on the handle as 29 psig max. 2X the reservoir capacity of standard HVLP guns . Question I have a craftsman air compressor I believe it is; 1.5 HP, 26 gallon, output 9.1scfm at 40 psi, 7.1cfm at 90 psi. R ecommended for: Larger fine finishing jobs. HVLP has been replaced by Trans-Tech (Compliant) Atomisation in most applications due to its better performance. I have a new husky Pro HVLP spray gun (not that great) with a 0.047 fluid tip, scfm 6.5 avg. When spraying base coat you want to spray at about 26-29 PSI. For example, if the suggested pressure is measured at the air cap (where the HVLP requirement of 10 psi or less is measured), you require a special cap with an attached gauge — for an extra couple hundred dollars. P/N 0524027. Air cap pressure is air pressure inside the air cap of the spray gun. Page 5 July 12 D. Air Cap and Fluid Nozzle Selection You must answer the following 7 questions during your selection process. With the simple WINDOWS search function “Ctrl&F” you can search the table after gun type or air cap number or part number. But there will be a lot of that low pressure air coming out (high volume).

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