how to wire wrap a pendant

Start by cutting a piece of your 20-gauge wire and a much longer piece of your 26-gauge wire. Otherwise, my instructable remains free and useful, so please enjoy it! 13. wire cutters. Gold Nugget Jewelry by Moms and Crafters: All of the flair of gold, with none of the cost! These are so easy to make, and they look outstanding! Gold Nugget Jewelry by Moms and Crafters: All of the flair of gold, with none of the cost! Wire wrapping is one of the oldest and fascinating techniques which when implemented on jewelry would give them a unique look. Learning how to wire wrap a pendnat yourself can seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry! These pearls vary in shape and color, making them amazingly versatile! In his studio, they created wire-wrapped jewelry as occupation therapy. Whaaattt?! Really! You can see more DIY statement necklace ideas here. These 14 ideas will have you set with different styles and techniques. They’re made from… rough stones and gold acrylic paint. When making handmade wire-wrapped jewelry, one very valuable skill to have is knowing how to wire wrap a stone with funky designs. You can make each egg represent another child, or something else that’s meaningful. two 25 inch pieces of 20 gauge wire. These gold … Resin Crystal Wire Wrapped Pendant by Resin Crafts: These wire wrapped crystals are not what they seem! The best part is, once you know how to make a few basic links and dangles, you can make any kind of chain-linked jewelry you like. They have a simple elegance to them, and the beautiful stones really give them personality! 11. It’s really very simple and so much fun. This tutorial is the same way that I make the wire wrap pendants and jewelry in my shop Crafty Little Gnome. Hi! There is a small, locally owned bead shop in my town where I like to buy supplies. Cross the wires in the center and twist them together. Using just wrapped wire, you can make a beautiful little p[icture frame you can wear anywhere! Using just a wire and any piece of nature you can get your hands on, you can make an amazing piece. Keepsake/Picture Pendant by Rachel at Wire Guild: If lockets are too old school for you, give this wire wrap pendant a try. If you are having trouble, email me and I'll do my best to help you out. This wire wrap pendant uses thinner wire to resemble a branch on a tree, with beautiful beaded gemstone leaves! Here’s another fun tutorial on how to wire wrap a pendant. Keep wrapping tightly and you will create the coiled look that is common on many wire-wrapped pieces. Wire Wrapped Pendants by Moms and Crafters: This pendant is so simple, so versatile and a great way to start wire wrapping! round nose or bail making pliers. 4. This design is great for all ages, and is super simple to make! 8. Supplies: square bead or cabochon. It uses 24g copper wire for the wraps. Add as many or as few stones as you want to create different styles! Use the pliers to grasp the end of 1 of the... 3. When wire wrapping a stone pendant, the idea is to enhance the stone's natural beauty and not obscure it. Welcome back! three small round cabochons (optional) I've sold many of my pendant necklaces at craft fairs and receive compliments whenever I wear one of my own creations. If you have learned the technique of wire wrapping then here are some magnificent DIYs for you to make some enticing pendants of varied shapes and designs with the stones you have at hand. Note that the exact size will depend on the size of your stone. 14. Thanks for visiting! Welcome! Select a stone to wrap and cut two pieces of 24 gauge wire about 6 inches long. Supplies: 1″-2″ Piece of sea glass; 20 gauge jewelry wire; Round nose pliers; Bend nose pliers; Wire cutters; You can get all of these supplies at craft stores like Michael’s or Joanne Fabrics. Check out my full directory of necklace ideas, or scroll down for these wire wrap pendant DIY ideas.

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