how to upgrade fairy tier bdo

Tier 1 Level 10: 1 Special Ability, 1 Skill, rank 1 Talent. The fairy will learn one skill every 10 levels, and all fairies (all tiers) come with the Luck +1 buff.” BDO Fairy Tier List. Tier 3 Level 10: 1 Special Ability, 2 Skills, rank 3 Talent. ... My tier 1 cat and loot. 3 comments. To do that you either need a fuck ton of sweet honey wine (400), or you gotta pony up $35 for the 25 Ornette's Dark Honey Wine. NOTE: the Tier 1 Level 9 pet does not have a Skill yet. In order to use growth, the fairy must be at lvl 10 or higher. Queen item (can't remember full name) that's priced at 1000 pearls resets persona or the skills of the fairy (can reset at any time, fairy does not have to be max level). share. Thank you. 601. Archived. Dream horses (tier 9) are not available from breeding and take a lot of time and effort to achieve. Tier evaluation is every 2 years. If you have a level 20 Brilliant you gotta upgrade it to level 30 first. Not on my pc rn. Tier 2 Level 10: 1 Special Ability, 1 Skill, rank 2 Talent. There are 2 ways to get a fairy with a new tier. Example Pets in Each Tier. It will be in the upper right hand corner. Fairy tier. Also can I learn what tier is my other one without Registering ? 22 comments. Use the Growth Feature, or dismiss her and get a new fairy. In order to level her up, you … Exchanging more than 2 pets will increase the chance for higher tier, up to 100%. Exchange other fairies for honey wine is with the same NPC at Kama Temple Node. Hey guys I had a quick question I got 1 fairy and recently got another one. Posted by 2 years ago. It's bugged at the moment, I believe. First one I have is level 5. He will receive a random Skill at level 10. Whats the price for 25 p2w wines? They do not “fly”, but can jump off cliffs and safely glide downwards at high speeds. Faint: Tier 1 – 10 levels (1 skill) However, a member can request for an early upgrade provided the minimum points requirement for the tier is met. 1 year ago. 2. My question is how do I know what tier is my fairy and when they do learn skill? Tier … The chances for the upgrade are added for each extra pet, based on the tier. There are 3 types of dream horses. Pegasus (Arduanatt)– This dream horse is a winged horse which uses their large wings to safely drop from high places. Fairy tier. At 30 you will get the option to "Sprout" the fairy to Tier 4. Example 1: Tier 1 + Tier 1 (55% of getting Tier 3) + Tier 1 (55% of getting Tier 3) = 110% (effectively, 100%) chance of getting Tier 3 It has different tier levels and levels up to get new skills based on its tier. Additionally, if you give your fairy certain gear items, Black Spirit’s Claw, Sweet Honey Wine, or Ornette’s Dark Honey Wine, you can make the fairy grow. Close. share. save …

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