how to store tomatoes in summer

At summer’s end, we’re often left with a surplus of produce from the veggie patch that needs to be picked and stored before inclement weather sets in – like tomatoes. I still can’t pick them off the vine and eat them like an apple like some lunatics can, but I love them sliced into a salad with basil and balsamic vinegar. Given that tomatoes ripen in the summer, the challenge is that we're trying to store them at home during a season characterized by intense heat, and we don't usually have storage conditions in the 44-to-50°F range. Colorful heirloom tomatoes are a summer favorite! This makes the use of glass jars far superior. I might as well tell you. Diced tomatoes are a wonderful thing to pull out of the pantry when you are ready to thicken a stew. Gently stew diced Roma or plum tomatoes and enjoy them with poached eggs and fresh herbs. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself with a whole bushel of ripe tomatoes, try our favorite quick-preserving method here. We enjoy their ripe red fruit from midsummer on, but they don’t fare well when there’s a chill in the air. FREEZE PUREED TOMATOES. Here is something to consider: because tomatoes are an acidic fruit, BPA’s in store-bought tomatoes are more likely to leach out. News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen gets tips on how to store, slice and serve them. Tomatoes stored in the fridge become mealy and dull, taking away the full, juicy, flavorful tomato experience only happens when stored at room temperature. Tasting a perfectly ripened tomato can elicit the purest joy, so don't miss that small window of opportunity. We love to dice our tomatoes and store them in the same quantities as store-bought cans. We initially freeze 15 ounces of cut tomatoes in a plastic, freezer safe container. Then when it is frozen solid, we transfer the frozen block in Food Saver bags for easy storage. Now, as someone who doesn’t even love tomatoes, I have a curiously HUGE desire to hang onto them as long as possible. Heirlooms can be dazzling with just salt, pepper, and olive oil, or with fresh basil and mozzarella in a summer caprese. I kind of grew to enjoy tomatoes this summer. Once tomatoes are fully ripe, it's time to pounce. Just be sure to use the very best tomatoes to begin with. Storing tomatoes in the refrigerator does extend their life, but the difference in flavor and texture between a refrigerated tomato and one stored at room temperature is noticeable. 4.

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