how to prune clematis montana video

Clematis montana var. If you think about it, if a plant is to produce flowers in April and May cutting it back in March is going to remove all the buds. Watch our expert in-house gardener, Sue Sanderson, pruning the three different groups in this short video: Return to. Make sure the plant has a good drink, at least 10 litres a week until autumn. Cut through half of those woody stems right at the base then leave them be to wilt for a week or two. How to Prune Clematis . constant-gardener Posts: 13. I'm pretty sure it'll be fine but my montana has not only grown long but has bulked out massively too, was hoping to hack it back to a more reasonable spread so it more so hugs the fence it's growing on instead of taking over the whole border. If you have Henryi or Nelly Moser varieties, prune them in the early spring by cutting the vine just above the buds and removing the top part of the plant. Like many large-flowered garden species, clematis vines are usually pruned to encourage new growth and more flowers. Pruning clematis montana in Autumn? This will make it easier to pull and cut out those stems without damaging what's left. wilsonii bears masses of satin, white star-shaped, scented flowers, in late-spring and early summer.Like all varieties of Clematis montana, it’s a vigorous climber and therefore perfect for quickly covering a wall or fence, or trained to grow up a sturdy pergola.It may … By following these simple instructions, your plants should produce plentiful blooms for you to enjoy, without resembling a bird’s nest for the rest of the year. Clematis pruning video. Pruning clematis vines that flower in summer or fall should be done in early spring, as these flowers are produced on the current year’s growth. Pruning clematis needn’t be a headache. Deadhead spent flowers for another series of blooms, though they will likely be smaller than the first, as these appear on new growth. In pruning clematis, your overall goal is to create a plant that will flower strongly each year at various heights from ground level to a comfortable height where you can enjoy and reach the plant for maintenance. Growing them is fairly easy, but pruning clematis tends to instill fear in some gardeners. Left unpruned, any growth (and new flowers) will remain confined to the tops or ends of the vines. The first images are of Clematis montana and C. alpina which are the early flowering type of Clematis (called Group 1) and it is most important not to prune these. Large flowering hybrids may produce a second set of blooms. This fear is unwarranted, as pruning simply comes down to when your clematis blooms. To prune spring blooming clematis, like Alpina, Montana, and Armandii varieties, give them a light trim by cutting back any damaged or stray stems after they bloom. You could try a 2 pronged pruning approach to enhance the chance of flowers next spring. The familiar C. montana is perhaps the most often recognised of the diverse bunch of spring-flowering clematis (categorised as Group 1) that … September 2017 in Plants.

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