how to grow blackberries

In these areas, light afternoon shade helps protect plants from excessive heat. Most of our blackberries are summer bearing, which carry one crop of berries on the over-wintering canes during the summer months. They need well draining soil, lots of sun, and a little TLC here and there. They are a perennial plant, one that comes back year after year, so it really makes sense to grow your own if you can. Blackberries are expensive to buy in the store but so easy to grow. Among the three, the only type that doesn’t require a treillage is the semi-erect plant. Growing blackberries is much the same as growing blueberries or any other type of berry. Keep an eye out for. Plants begin fruiting in mid summer, and the season lasts approximately 3 - 4 weeks. To grow blackberries in pots, all you need is a wide pot, some good potting soil, and lots of sun! Thornless blackberries grow in the three forms namely erect, semi-erect, or trailing plants. The berries will have best flavor by allowing them to fully ripen. Another blackberry plant that belongs to the thornless family and is described as sturdy and fruitful is Chester. Blackberries aren't only delicious, they are also extremely healthy. The exception is in the hottest parts of the country (think Deep or Coastal South, Desert Southwest). Packed full of antioxidants and fiber, they're one of the top super-foods. Wild blackberries grow in light shade to full sun, but named varieties thrive in full sun. Blackberries will grow year after year!

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